Another golden wonder from Land Rover

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover seems to have the Midas touch at present, says Nat Barnes in the Daily Express. After record sales in 2016, sales are already up 10% in 2017. Land Rover must be hoping that the magic rubs off on its new Range Rover Velar, which has plugged a gap in its range – the Velar sits somewhere between the Evoque, which is too small for use as a family car, and the big Range Rover Sport seven-seater. And it is a triumph. The looks are unfussy and sleek, the performance impressive and the levels of refinement exceptional. From the look and feel of this new model, it seems Land Rover can do no wrong.

It is one of the most desirable SUVs you can buy, agrees Steve Fowler in AutoExpress. You get the same off-road capability of a Land Rover Discovery – ie, far more of it than most users will ever need – and on the road it is supremely refined and the performance brisk. It’s beautiful to look at too and comes well equipped – but it’s not cheap. The range starts at £44,830, but by the time you’ve added a few extras most cars leaving the showroom will be costing you in excess of £60,000.

And just check out that dashboard, says Andrew English in The Daily Telegraph. It gives us a glimpse of a button-less future, with its twin touchscreens and Panasonic’s Magic Dial technology.
It looks like nothing else in any other car and it all works superbly. There are a few bum notes – rear leg room is tight, the car rides harshly, and the body control is fidgety on motorways and too soft for enthusiastic driving. Still, when you walk away from it, you can’t help but turn to take one more longing look back. This car is a very lovely thing indeed.

Price range: £44,830-£85,450
Top speed: 150mph (for the £70,530 3.0-litre diesel model)
0-60mph: 6.1 seconds
Power: 296bhp
Carbon dioxide: 167g/km
Average fuel economy: 44.1mpg