The ten most-hated shares in the FTSE

These are London’s ten most-hated shares, judged by the percentage of stock being shorted.

Short sellers aim to profit from falling stock prices, so it can be useful to see what they are betting against. The list is also a good indicator of stocks with the potential to bounce strongly on unexpected good news – “short squeezes” occur when short sellers are forced out of their positions, which can send share prices surging.

The supermarkets remain unpopular, while investors appear to consider Admiral fully valued. The other new entrant is Drax, representative of wider bearishness on electricity utilities as wholesale electricity prices fall and renewables subsidies are cut.

Company What it does % of stock being shorted % on 26 June
Carillion Construction/outsourcing 17.71% 15.34%
Wm Morrison Supermarkets 12.65% 11.92%
J Sainsbury Supermarkets 11.03% 10.74%
Ashmore Group Emerging-markets fund mgr 8.99% 7.85%
Tungsten Corp. Invoicing services 8.85% 6.57%
Hansteen Holdings Real-estate investment trust 8.62% 7.94%
Admiral Group Motor insurance 8.48% New entry
Drax Group Power generation 7.69% New entry
WH Smith Retail 7.70% 8.66%
Electrocomponents Electronics distribution 7.48% 6.77%