See in the new year in style with the Range Rover Holland & Holland

Range Rover

“Step forward, wealthy, gun-wielding toffs of Britain: your ultimate car has arrived,” says Ollie Kew on Top Gear. Land Rover has teamed up with British gunmaker Holland & Holland to create its most luxurious model yet. Only those with deep pockets need apply. The Range Rover Holland & Holland will set you back £180,000.

True, that’s only modestly more than the long-wheelbase (LWB) Autobiography Black model (£140,000) on which it’s based, but you’re still talking Lamborghini Huracan money and a good £70,000 premium over the regular Range Rover LWB supercharged V8.

That money buys you plenty of legroom and an exclusive green paint job with chrome finishing. But inside is “where all the action is”, says Lawrence Allan in Auto Express. The reclining leather seats are like those you’d expect in an executive jet, with retractable and electrically deployable walnut tables and massive “infotainment” screens.

The interior woodwork is cut from a single piece of walnut, says Benjamin Zhang in Business Insider, and finished with oil to resemble the stocks of Holland & Holland’s signature rifles. In the boot is a bespoke cabinet to hold those rifles. There’s also a choice of engines.

If you’re in the market for a £180,000 gun rack, says Kew, we doubt you’re short of a few quid, but if you’re feeling the squeeze in the new year, you can go for the diesel.

True, that’s a 4.4-litre turbodiesel V8, but it’s the relatively sensible alternative to the 503bhp supercharged petrol V8, also available. Only 40 of these cars will be built every year over three years, and they are available by special order only.