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How Angela Merkel’s political woes could be good for European stocks

Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration could spark a leadership challenge from disgruntled fellow minsters. And the prospect of that could boost European stocks. Matthew Partridge explains why.

Europe turns to the money-printing presses again

It’s looking like the European Central Bank is gearing up to increase the pace of its European money-printing programme.

'Paris changes everything': the long-term consequences for Europe

The political fallout is likely to be huge – but what does the upheaval mean for markets and economies? John Stepek explains.

First Greece, now Portugal – are we heading for another eurozone crisis?

While the Greek debt crisis rumbles on, Portugal may be the next country to fall out with Brussels. Matthew Partridge explains why, and what it all means for investors.

Steer clear of toxic Turkey

Not too long ago, Turkey was an emerging-market darling. But now investors are shying away – and for good reason.

Looking for value? You’re unlikely to find it in stocks

Western markets are jammed with expensive stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Maybe it‘s time to retreat to cash.

Bull or a bear market? It doesn’t look good

The stockmarket slide has been sudden and violent. But is this a true bear market, or just a blip as stocks head ever higher? Dominic Frisby looks at the evidence.

Grandstanding politicians are to blame for the VW scandal

The corporate profit motive isn’t to blame for the Volkswagen emissions scandal, says Bengt Saelensminde. It’s politicians and their implausible policies.

Is there anything else under Volkswagen’s bonnet?

The scandal surrounding Volkswagen installing technology to get around diesel emissions tests has forced the company’s CEO to resign. But is there more to come? Matthew Partridge investigates.

Finding the hidden dragons in eastern Europe

Forget the Brics and the Asian Tigers – the beasts sitting on the largest hoards of treasure are to be found in eastern Europe, says Jonathan Compton.

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