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A strong rebound in the eurozone

Despite its down-at-heel reputation, the eurozone is looking surprisingly sprightly.

Russia: too much, too soon

Russian assets have been on a roll in the past few weeks. But it looks more like a short-term bounce than the start of a long-term recovery.

Investors should go shopping in Slovakia

Few looked to eastern Europe with confidence after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But by and large, says Matthew Lynn, the doubters have been proved wrong.

European stocks are still a buy

The eurozone recovery looks to be running out of steam, says Andrew Van Sickle. But the gloom is overdone.

Russia’s energy crunch

The oil and gas-dependent Russian economy shrank by almost 4% last year – and this year isn’t shaping up any better.

Victims of the plunge in oil prices

The damage to government finances caused by the sharp slide in oil prices is spreading far beyond the Middle East, with Nigeria the latest to feel the pinch.

Another tough year ahead for equities?

Last year wasn’t good for equities. And 2016 has started badly too, with poor Chinese data causing a global slide, and the FTSE 100 having its worst start to a year since 2000. So what’s next?

How Angela Merkel’s political woes could be good for European stocks

Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration could spark a leadership challenge from disgruntled fellow minsters. And the prospect of that could boost European stocks. Matthew Partridge explains why.

Europe turns to the money-printing presses again

It’s looking like the European Central Bank is gearing up to increase the pace of its European money-printing programme.

'Paris changes everything': the long-term consequences for Europe

The political fallout is likely to be huge – but what does the upheaval mean for markets and economies? John Stepek explains.

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