European stock markets

Russia braced for fresh fiscal squeeze

Russia’s annual budget shows that Moscow is finally facing up to the country’s mounting fiscal problems.

Hunting for bargain European stocks

Professional investor Mark Page picks three good value European stocks to buy now.

Europe gathers strength

Europe has defied expectations of another bad year, while the US and China stumble.

Investors beware: the masters of the universe are making deals again

A frenzy of companies buying and merging with other companies is underway. As John Stepek explains, that should tell you a thing or two about the state of the stockmarket.

Markets are taking a beating – how far will they fall?

The world’s stockmarkets have seen some big falls in the last couple of days. Dominic Frisby looks at what’s happening, and which markets in particular to avoid.

FTSE investor? You’re in great position to benefit from new European QE

Sit tight with your UK-listed stocks, says Bengt Saelensminde. You’re about to feel the warm glow of European money printing.

Good news for eurozone stocks – a dollop of fudge saves the day again

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to extend Greece’s bailout for another four months. John Stepek looks at what this means for investors.

Five threats to your wealth

The threat of Greece leaving the eurozone has investors feeling jittery. But it’s far from the only big risk out there. John Stepek looks at the top five.

Soaring America or floundering Europe? No contest – buy Europe

The future seems bright for the US economy. But Europe is mired in gloom. And that’s the perfect reason to buy European stocks. John Stepek explains why.

Buy these safe haven stocks in Europe

European money printing won’t fix the eurozone’s structural problems. Stock picker Jean Maigrot tips four stocks to withstand a flare-up on the continent.

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