European stock markets

What Draghi’s billions will achieve

The ECB boss has fired up the printing press. To what end? James Ferguson explains. And Dr Matthew Partridge tips the best funds to hedge your bets.

Don’t panic – and buy into Europe

Greek turmoil is unnerving investors – and there’s lots to be nervous about. But I’m still buying Europe, says John Stepek.

The rising US dollar is hurting US stocks – another reason to buy Europe

US stocks are priced for a future of high earnings. But the strong dollar is putting that under threat. One more reason to buy Europe, says John Stepek.

Place your bets on European stocks

Everyone has their eyes on Mario Draghi this week. But as Matthew Partridge points out, there’s more to Europe than the European Central Bank boss.

Two big signs you should invest in Europe today

Two things happened this week that could lead to a big rise in European stocks. Dr Matthew Partridge explains what they are, and what to buy.

UK fund investors gain as Swiss stockmarket plunges

UK fund investors are exposed to the tune of £4bn to plunging Swiss stocks, but they needn’t worry too much, says Kam Patel.

The radical left is set to take power in Greece – but investors will be fine

Regardless of who wins the election, Greek stocks will come out ahead, says Matthew Lynn.

Watch the euro: its next big move could dictate how stocks do this year

The way the euro goes next could set the tone for 2015, says John Stepek. We could find out one way or the other by the end of this month.

Buy Europe and Japan in 2015

Is this the year to buy biotech? Should we be investing in Europe and Japan rather than the US? And how much should a predicted rise in UK interest rates be factored into all of this? MoneyWeek’s team of experts give their opinions on the year ahead.

FTSE 100 ahead as eurozone succumbs to deflation

Falling prices in the eurozone have heaped yet more pressure on central bank boss Mario Draghi to turn on the money taps.

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