European stock markets

Hollande sacks his government

French president François Hollande has sought to quell dissent over the government’s economic policy.

What’s bad for Europe’s workers is good for shareholders

European economies may well go into terminal decline, says Matthew Lynn. But that’s no reason for investors to panic.

Europe’s recovery is over – so it’s time to buy European shares

Both France and Germany are heading for recession. That means it’s time to buy European stocks, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he explains why, and looks at what to buy.

Is now a great time to buy Russian stocks?

The Russian stock market has fallen by 14% in the last month. David Thornton looks at whether that means bargains for canny investors – or a dangerous value trap.

What I learned about Russia as manager of an East European fund

With Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin in the news, David Thornton, former manager of an East European investment fund, reflects on his experience of the country and the man.

Russia’s roaring stock market rally

Russian stocks have defied Western sanctions to gain 25% since March.

The most cynical game you’ll ever play

Europe’s weaker countries have dragged Germany into playing their game. But this just highlights Germany’s strengths, says Bengt Saelensminde.

MoneyWeek World Cup blog

The MoneyWeek World Cup looks at which country is the most attractive for investors. At the end of the tournament, one will lift the MoneyWeek trophy.

Don’t worry about what Draghi does today – Europe is still a buy

People are expecting big things from Mario Draghi. But whatever he does, it should have very little impact on your investments, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

Poland: a European success story

Since it joined the European Union, Poland has gone from strength to strength. Here’s one exchange-traded fund to profit.

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