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US money is going to flood Cuba – this fund is poised to reap the benefits

The thaw in relations with the US will have a huge impact on Cuba’s economy. James McKeigue picks the best way for you to profit.

Resources pioneer Algy Cluff: ‘I like to think I helped open up Africa to investors’

Resources entrepreneur Algy Cluff recalls his adventures exploring for gold in Africa, and how he helped open the continent for business.

India's economy steps out of the glue

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has stepped his plans to reform the country’s economy.

China’s richest man is buying this stock – and you should too

Chinese insurer Ping An is getting some very high-profile attention – and for good reason. Lars Henriksson explains why now is the time to buy.

What the future holds for Cuba

America and Cuba have announced moves to thaw diplomatic relations after more than 60 years of frost. Simon Wilson looks at what this will mean.

Buy Europe and Japan in 2015

Is this the year to buy biotech? Should we be investing in Europe and Japan rather than the US? And how much should a predicted rise in UK interest rates be factored into all of this? MoneyWeek’s team of experts give their opinions on the year ahead.

Three big calls for Latin America in 2015

James McKeigue looks at what the year holds for investors in Latin America, and picks the three hottest investment topics.

China tops the charts

China has bucked the trend to come out on top as the best-performing emerging market of 2014.

What’s next for emerging markets?

Emerging markets look set to have another challenging year in 2015.

The Thai railway boom is about to kick off – and I know who to buy

Thailand’s railway system upgrade will transform the country and make investors a fortune. Lars Henriksson picks the best stock to buy for you to profit.

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