Emerging markets

Trump's threat to Europe

Even if he loses, he could destroy the euro

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Can the new Argentina stay the course?

Argentina’s Merval index has bounced by 60% this year, as the new president’s business-friendly approach inspires confidence.

The four Asian markets to put your money on now

Taken together, Asia’s four fastest-growing economies are set to overtake Japan. If you’re after growth, forget the West and head East, says Rupert Foster.

It’s time to rediscover the Africa story

The Africa story has gone off the boil in recent years, says Andrew Van Sickle. It’s time investors changed that.

Will Philippines’ bad boy Rodrigo Duterte dent growth?

The Philippines’ new president, Rodrigo Duterte, is rattling investors and undermining confidence.

Developing countries weather the storm

Emerging-market investors have had a torrid time in recent years, but things have been looking up in 2016.

Rousseff’s exit: a boost for Brazil?

With Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff dismissd by the senate, the country is hoping for a “shock of capitalism”. Here are two of the best ways ways to buy in.

War is over – it’s time to head back to Colombia

The peace deal with war lords and drug gangs is just one of the many reasons why Colombia is set to prosper. Smart investors should buy in now, says James McKeigue.

Buy into emerging markets as they turn into developed markets

As the West declines, emerging markets are moving firmly in the right direction. Time to buy, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Peru: Latin America’s success story

Improved political stability, the commodities boom and sound management have made Peru very attractive to investors.

Vietnam hits the sweet spot

Amid all the excited talk about India and China, Vietnam is often overlooked. Yet it stands out for its past success and future promise.

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