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Vietnam flings open its doors to foreign investors

The Vietnamese government has decided to lift the legal limit on foreign ownership of listed firms.

A dodgy move by China's central bank

China’s central bank has sent a clear signal that it is prepared to stand behind stock buyers.

China’s bear market won’t last – these two economies show why

After seeing spectacular gains in the last year or so, Chinese stocks are now officially in a bear market. They may fall further yet, says John Stepek, but the bull market is by no means over.

Now could be a great time to invest in Asian cinemas

It won’t be long before the cinema market in China is worth more than in the USA, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he looks at the companies set to profit from the growth of Asia’s appetite for Hollywood blockbusters.

Hong Kong stock exchange bows to tech giants

As a sop to the next Alibaba, Hong Kong toys with the long-standing principle of equal votes for shares.

Can Russia’s stockmarket rally last?

With Greece hogging the headlines, few investors have noticed that Russian stocks have found their feet again.

There are protests across Latin America, but I’m still bullish on the market

There have been large-scale protests across Latin America, from Mexico, to Chile and Brazil. But there’s no need for investors to worry. James McKeigue explains why.

Emerging markets: turbulence ahead

Headwinds are gathering strength as the MSCI emerging markets index takes a dive.

Brazil gets its act together

The Brazilian government is showing signs that it is ready to turn the economy around.

Chart of the week: Zimbabwe scraps its currency

Zimbabwe has scrapped the dollar – several years after people stopped using it and turned to the US version.

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