Emerging markets

FTSE 100 gains on US Fed’s new patient stance on rate hike

Investors have responded positively this morning to the US Federal Reserve’s promise to take a cautious approach to raising interest rates.

Russia is the first casualty of the oil price crash – it won’t be the last

Russia’s drastic interest-rate hike is a sure sign the country’s in trouble. But as John Stepek explains, it’s not the only market that’s feeling the pain.

India’s economy is braced for a rebound – smart investors will buy in now

David C Stevenson looks at seven funds that tap the growth in one of the world’s largest economies.

Why I’m glad I steered clear of Brazil’s corporate giants

James McKeigue explains why he warned readers off two of Brazil’s biggest companies, Petrobras and Vale. And why it could soon be time to invest.

Will Putin slip on cheap oil?

Russia makes much of its money from selling oil, and is being squeezed by the falling price. Can the country’s president survive as his fellow countrymen turn glum? Simon Wilson reports.

Rocketing Chinese stocks fall to earth

Investor exuberance in soaring Chinese stocks have been checked by a one-day plunge in the stockmarket.

James Montier: Keep your powder dry

Acclaimed value investor James Montier sees danger and opportunity in the markets.

This Thai seafood expert shows the power of emerging market stocks

This Thai frozen seafood company is a ‘one in a million’ emerging market stock. Lars Henriksson explains why.

FTSE 100 hurt by triple whammy of economic data

A flurry of economic data sees investors take a more cautious stance this morning.

Rouble collapse raises fears of capital controls

Russia’s falling rouble poses a threat to the country’s financial stability.

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Profit as Thailand's railway boom kicks off

An imminent upgrade to Thailand's railway system will transform the country and make investors a fortune. Lars Henriksson picks the best stock to buy.