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Will huge profits flow from the Iran deal?

The preliminary deal between Iran and the West will be extremely good for the Iranian economy.

Pick up some Brics

Take the hand of an active manager, and venture into emerging markets. David C Stevenson tips one new exchange-traded fund to keep your eye on.

Dollar debt: a game of Russian roulette

A stronger dollar, and the higher interest rates that go with it, is bad news for emerging markets.

China props up housing market

The Chinese authorities have announced measures to shore up the sinking property market.

Here’s a way to buy into China’s rocketing market at a discount

Chinese stocks have had a cracking year so far, and the chances are, there’s plenty more on the way. John Stepek tips one cheap investment trust to buy now.

I’ve found a fantastic way to play Colombia’s $50bn infrastructure boom

Peace talks between the Colombian government and Farc rebels could clear the way for the development of the country’s infrastructure. James McKeigue reveals the best way to profit.

Terror in Tunisia: a calculated attack on democracy

The attack on tourists at Tunisia’s Bardo museum has cast a shadow over the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

This German internet company has its sights set on Southeast Asia

Online start-up Rocket Internet is cashing in on Southeast Asia’s increasingly affluent middle classes. Investors should take note, says Lars Henriksson.

Mexico pushes in the right direction

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has pushed through several groundbreaking reforms in the past two years.

Some froth, but no bubble in Chinese stocks

The Shanghai Composite index has soared in recent months, but investors can expect more growth to come.

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