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Impressive potential in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has bowed to the inevitable and scrapped its currency peg to the US dollar.

A new, adventurous route into Vietnam

We could soon see some particularly unloved markets come back into fashion, says David C Stevenson. Chief among them is Vietnam.

Poland bids farewell to investors

Not long ago, Poland was still the darling of emerging markets. Not so much anymore, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Will China finally turn respectable?

Index provider MSCI’s admittance of China’s domestic stockmarket into its emerging-market indices would be a small but symbolic move.

Venezuela: heading for default?

The slump in oil prices has badly dented growth in Venezuela, but the damage is also self-inflicted.

George Magnus: Now is not the time to relax over China

A peaceful, slumbering dragon? Think again, economist and commentator George Magnus tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Chart of the week: a step-change in Indian oil demand growth

Rising demand is underpinning the rebound in oil prices. The most eye-catching rise has been in India, which according to the International Energy Agency has eclipsed China as the main growth market for oil.

Saudi Arabia feels the squeeze

The slide in the oil price has blown a hole in Saudi Arabia’s budget with the deficit reaching 15% of GDP last year.

What's behind the violence in Bangladesh?

Disturbing developments in Bangladesh suggest the country is turning into an authoritarian state. Simon Wilson reports.

Brazil: the turmoil is priced in

Brazil is so cheap that the current imbroglio is priced in – and its long-term potential makes it well worth a look.

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