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What's behind the violence in Bangladesh?

Disturbing developments in Bangladesh suggest the country is turning into an authoritarian state. Simon Wilson reports.

Brazil: the turmoil is priced in

Brazil is so cheap that the current imbroglio is priced in – and its long-term potential makes it well worth a look.

Exploit China’s shares gap

If you’re planning to invest in China, it’s useful to understand that there are two classes of shares: “A” shares and “H” shares. Sarah Moore explains the difference.

Rodrigo Duterte: The Philippines’ loose cannon

The Philippines has overcome years of coups and economic mismanagement to become a regional star. But newly elected president Rodrigo Duterte could threaten all that.

How the revolution led to Venezuela’s hyperinflation

The falling oil price has exposed the Chavista revolution for what it was – a vainglorious spending splurge. The result now is suffering and chaos, says Simon Wilson.

Buy China for the long term

Many investors may have been put off China by the dramatic swings in the market. Sarah Moore explains why that’s a mistake.

What will Saudi Arabia’s pipe dreams mean for oil?

Saudi Arabia is hoping to break free from its dependence on oil. Can it do it? And what will that mean for the rest of us – and for the oil price? Matthew Partridge reports.

Feeling brave? Then head to the frontier

Investing in frontier stocks is of course risky, says Sarah Moore. But these two markets could hold rewards for the brave.

A rocky ride in emerging markets

Emerging-market stocks represent decent long-term value. But as David C Stevenson explains, it’s time to tread carefully.

Pakistan’s impressive progress

After years of upheaval, Pakistan is making impressive progress, and appears to offer plenty of potential for investors.

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