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Investors seeking income should look at Korea

Korea’s listed companies are notoriously stingy with their dividends, but change is in the air.

Indonesia’s new tax law is bad news for Singapore

It’s been a bad time to invest in Singapore over the last few years. And it’s going to get worse as its neighbours lure investors and companies away. Lars Henriksson explains why.

Invest in India’s resurgence

A reformed India is starting to look much more appealing to investors. Professional stock picker David Park tips three companies to profit.

The end of Modi’s honeymoon

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has suffered a serious setback in Dehli’s state election.

Brazil’s water shortage is a big bad buying signal

With greed, corruption, and now a huge drought, negativity around Brazil has reached fever pitch. That might make it a good time to invest, says James McKeigue.

Emerging markets: Is this the end for the growth miracle?

Booming emerging markets are heading for straitened times – but there are still profits to be made, says Jonathan Compton.

China’s growth rate: the dragon runs out of puff

China’s growth rate slipped to a 24-year low of 7.4% in 2014 – and it’s heading lower still.

Five threats to your wealth

The threat of Greece leaving the eurozone has investors feeling jittery. But it’s far from the only big risk out there. John Stepek looks at the top five.

Young people are driving an explosion of ecommerce in Bangkok and beyond

Lars Henriksson looks at how a huge expansion in ecommerce sales is set to transform Thailand’s retail sector, and explains what it means for investors.

The Philippines' Cinderella story

The Philippines is one of the few economies in the region where growth is expected to accelerate rather than slow down.

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