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It’s Black Monday for China – but this isn’t ‘the Big One’

China’s stockmarket has taken a battering, and the panic is starting to spread across the globe. But it’s only a matter of time before central banks step in, says John Stepek.

A perfect storm hits Malaysia

Malaysia’s ringgit has been especially hard hit by the devaluation of the Chinese yuan.

Why you should keep buying broken China

The renminbi has dropped and markets are jittery – but a great long-term buying opportunity for Chinese equities lies ahead, says Rupert Foster.

A fatal blow for Thai economy?

A renewed slump in tourism due to terrorist-related activity would be a huge setback for Thailand.

Brazil hurtles towards its worst recession in 25 years – but I’m still buying

Anti-government protests are the latest in a long line of crises. But as James McKeigue explains, clever investors can still make money in Brazil.

Should you buy into corrupt countries?

Foreign investors running have been pulling out of Malaysia after corruption allegations engulfed the country. But is corruption a reason to avoid certain markets altogether?

How to profit from the emerging-markets slump

It’s been tough for emerging markets lately. And they could suffer for a while yet. But if you can take the volatility, now could be the time to buy.

Brazilian bonds: heading for junk status?

Credit-ratings agency Standard & Poor’s says it is considering downgrading Brazil’s credit rating by one grade to junk.

Three reasons Latin America will be the next global breadbasket

For a long time, agriculture in Latin America focused on a few key cash crops. Now, the industry is diversifying – and profiting. James McKeigue explains what’s going on.

Emerging markets: invest now in the next China

While ever more value investors are looking to emerging markets, one in particular stands out. David C Stevenson tips the best fund to play it.

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