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Victims of the plunge in oil prices

The damage to government finances caused by the sharp slide in oil prices is spreading far beyond the Middle East, with Nigeria the latest to feel the pinch.

India: still the best bet in Asia?

When India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, came to power in May 2014, his victory propelled the stockmarket to a new record. But now his honeymoon is well and truly over.

Vietnam: the buzz is back

Asia’s Communist dynamo caused great excitement in the 2000s, before suffering a sharp downturn. Now Vietnam is shaking off the hangover.

An emerging debt Armageddon?

It’s not just developed-world companies – emerging-market firms have been on a borrowing binge too.

An Arab Winter is coming

In the Middle East, both the political and economic outlooks have deteriorated sharply.

High-yield bonds, frontier markets, and fear of Brexit

The market crash is starting to make some edgier investments look interesting, says John Stepek. And how much is sterling’s recent slide to do with fear of Brexit?

Trouble in the House of Saud

The desert kingdom is launching a Thatcherite revolution to rescue itself from a ballooning deficit. But will that be enough to save the ruling family? Simon Wilson reports.

Shanghai surprise: the week that shook global markets

Investors have been scared witless by the plunge in the Chinese stockmarket and currency, the yuan. Andrew Van Sickle explains why you should stay calm.

What’s gone wrong in Brazil? Everything…

Brazil’s economy is not pretty – it’s heading for its worst recession on record. But bold long-term investors could be rewarded.

Chinese markets’ explosive New Year

Chinese markets have had a spectacularly bad start to the year. But the fuss may be overblown – investors should focus on the long term.

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