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Chart of the week: Emerging markets’ big Dogs

There are some big ‘discounts for obnoxious governments’ (Dogs) among emerging markets. And they don’t come bigger than Russia.

Chile’s new president could be great for our investments

Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s left-wing president, is set to ‘shake things up’. James McKeigue explains why that’s good news for investors, and how you could profit.

Chart of the week: The stock market rally’s days are numbered

The MSCI Emerging Markets index has reached a near-three-year high. But now the rally looks to be out of steam.

Colombia's economy steps up a gear

Colombia’s political and economic turnaround is drawing in foreign investment.

Argentina’s default explained

Last week, Argentina defaulted for a second time. What are the implications for the country – and for the rest of the world? Matthew Partridge reports.

How much of a threat is Ebola?

A debate has arisen over how best to tackle the virus that is reeking havoc in West Africa.

What to expect from emerging markets

The last decade yielded mixed results for investors in emerging markets. Cris Sholto Heaton looks at what investors can expect in the years ahead.

This is the bellwether stock for China

If you’re planning to invest in China, you should keep an eye on this stock, says Lars Henriksson.

Go shopping for stocks in Saudi Arabia

Foreign investors will have direct access to Saudi Arabia’s stock market from the beginning of next year.

Is now a great time to buy Russian stocks?

The Russian stock market has fallen by 14% in the last month. David Thornton looks at whether that means bargains for canny investors – or a dangerous value trap.

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