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Mexico pushes in the right direction

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has pushed through several groundbreaking reforms in the past two years.

Some froth, but no bubble in Chinese stocks

The Shanghai Composite index has soared in recent months, but investors can expect more growth to come.

Economic outlook brightens for Indonesia

Indonesia’s rupiah may have slipped against the dollar, but the economic backdrop remains favourable.

Myanmar’s new deep-sea port project offers a wealth of opportunities for investors

With the Dawei Deep Port project back on track, Japan and China are pouring money into Myanmar’s Mekong region. Lars Henriksson looks at the best ways to profit.

Game changing reforms awaken a giant in India

India has become the fastest-growing major economy in the world thanks to its business-friendly outlook.

Global pariah Iran comes out of the cold

An easing of sanctions against Iran could see the regions second-biggest stockmarket flourish.

How to survive the coming deflation crisis: invest in China

Think deflation is worrying now? You ain’t seen nothing yet, says Jonathan Compton. The best place to hide is China.

India is set to grow faster than China – buy in if you haven’t already

Since Narendra Modi won power last May, India’s markets have been surging. That’s set to continue. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the growth, and why it’s worth buying in.

In Mexico, 50 billion barrels of oil are up for grabs

Mexico’s government is shaking up its oil industry. That’s going to provide plenty of opportunities for investors, says James McKeigue.

China’s slowing growth could end up being very good for Chinese stocks

As China’s economy slows, its central bank is taking action. And that can only be good for Chinese stocks, says John Stepek.

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