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Africa: a market to be reckoned with

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Investors shouldn't be worried about Mexico’s week from hell

It’s been a bad week for Mexico, with escaped narco-criminals and a failed auction of offshore oil rights. But there’s still plenty of cause for hope, says James McKeigue.

Looking for the next big market? It’s time to pay attention to Africa

Africa has made huge strides in recent years, with a rapidly-growing middle class, improved infrastructure and more robust institutions. Here, Matthew Partridge looks at the prospects for investors.

Iran comes in from the cold

After 12 years of crippling sanctions, Iran has lots of catching up to do.

The Great Fall of China

Thousands of amateur Chinese investors have been devastated by a 30% plunge in the Shanghai Composite index.

George Magnus: The eurozone’s botched experiment

Without political union, the euro can’t work. George Magnus talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about the future of the eurozone.

Iran and the West reach a deal

Iran will place limits on its nuclear programme in return for an end to almost a decade of economic isolation.

The West is doomed – so why not head to Iran instead?

Stockmarkets in the developed world will struggle in the next decade. Emerging markets such as Iran and China are the place to be, says Matthew Lynn.

One interesting way to play China

China’s stockmarkets have been under severe pressure recently. But Lars Henriksson thinks he’s found an interesting way to play them.

China puts bull market on life support

In the past few days, authorities have redoubled their efforts to prop up China’s stockmarket.

There's a healthy correction in Chinese stocks, but long-term, the only way is up

China’s stockmarket is down by 30% from its highs. But that’s “normal and good”, says Rupert Foster. And in the long term, there’s plenty of value in quality Chinese stocks.

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