Emerging markets

The tide is turning on global mega-caps – get out now and head for Japan

A two-decade bear market has left many high-quality Japanese companies trading at attractive prices, says Tim Price.

India’s tax raid on foreign investors

India’s finance minister has announced plans to raise almost $6.5bn by retrospectively taxing foreign investors.

Chinese stocks: follow the politics

It’s been a rollercoaster few days for investors in the Chinese stockmarket.

Asia’s healthcare boom will have four big winners

Healthcare is an exciting growth sector across Asia, says Lars Henriksson. And the future lies in the companies that are most able to adapt to specific needs.

Russia braced for fresh fiscal squeeze

Russia’s annual budget shows that Moscow is finally facing up to the country’s mounting fiscal problems.

Bruce Stout: Hunting for growth in a deflationary world

Bruce Stout explains to Merryn Somerset Webb why emerging markets may be a better bet for profits and dividends than traditional defensive stocks.

Obama’s Americas summit is good for our investments

The recent historic Summit of the Americas is great news for long-term investors in Latin America. James McKeigue explains why.

Will huge profits flow from the Iran deal?

The preliminary deal between Iran and the West will be extremely good for the Iranian economy.

Pick up some Brics

Take the hand of an active manager, and venture into emerging markets. David C Stevenson tips one new exchange-traded fund to keep your eye on.

Dollar debt: a game of Russian roulette

A stronger dollar, and the higher interest rates that go with it, is bad news for emerging markets.

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