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Alex Perry: Africa could thrive, if only the aid industry would let it

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Alex Perry about the opportunities in Africa’s vibrant, innovative economy – and the corrupting influence of the global aid industry.

Bull or a bear market? It doesn’t look good

The stockmarket slide has been sudden and violent. But is this a true bear market, or just a blip as stocks head ever higher? Dominic Frisby looks at the evidence.

Colombia’s peace deal is great news for investors

A peace deal to end decades of fighting is the latest sign of Colombia’s bright future, says James McKeigue. And it’s one more reason to invest in the country.

Chart of the week: North Korea goes hungry

Despite agricultural reforms, 70% of the North Korean population still relies on the government for food.

The war in Syria will end. But the migrant crisis won’t

The fighting in Syria is a symptom of the migrant crisis, not its cause. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author and journalist James Fergusson.

Latin American aviation stocks are about to take off

The Latin American travel market has been undergoing a shake-up that could make handy profits for UK investors. James McKeigue picks the best ways to buy in.

Keep backing emerging markets

Investors are running scared of emerging markets following China’s stockmarket plunge. But as Matthew Partridge explains, it’s worth hanging on to your funds.

India will weather China’s crisis

While Indian stocks have fallen amid worries over a Chinese slowdown, India is well-placed to stage a recovery.

Brazil’s recession deepens, but still plenty of upside for investors

Brazil’s economy is set to shrink by 2% this year. But with a large, young population and plenty of soft commodities, there is plenty of upside.

Are we facing another Asian crisis?

Recent sharp falls in emerging-market currencies have drawn parallels with the 1997 Asian crisis. Are we facing a similar situation? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.

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