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Hong Kong's economy could be in for a nasty surprise

Investors in Hong Kong may be in for a nasty surprise from mainland China.

How you could profit from Latin America's energy crisis

Demand for power in Latin America is soaring. James McKeigue looks at how to invest as the continent upgrades its energy infrastructure.

Election hope boosts Indian stocks

Investors have pinned their hopes on an opposition victory in New Delhi.

Turkey is on borrowed time

The Turkish government has relied on the improving economy to keep voters sweet.

Is Russia too risky to buy now? What about China?

Our panel of experts talk to John Stepek about how political risk is affecting stock markets – and where they’re put their money now.

The 'beer indicator' says China is totally overpriced

China’s stock market is unloved by investors, says Lars Henriksson. But the ‘beer indicator’ could tell you when it’s time to buy again.

The emerging-market debt binge

Loading up on consumer debt isn’t a problem that’s confined to the West.

Political crisis takes its toll on Thailand's economy

The political crisis engulfing Thailand has acted as a drag on the wider region.

China: another dose of stimulus?

China’s government is trying to wean the economy off its dependence on credit.

How I went wrong in Russia

Russia is looking incredibly cheap at the moment. But the political risks are high, says David Thornton. It could become the ultimate value trap.

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