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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

February 2016: A shaky start Stockmarkets have opened 2016 with sharp falls. Beware that while stocks are starting to look more attractive, some of the value may be deceptive. Nonetheless, we see long-term value in some markets, including Japan, parts of Europe and many emerging markets.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Driverless cars: the rout of the petrolheads

Lovers of driving and gas-guzzlers are in for a disappointment – the future is electric and driverless. Matthew Partridge tips the best stocks to profit.

Make volatility your friend with these three stocks

Sharp moves in markets can present good chances to buy into specific stocks, says professional investor Philip Rodrigs. Here, he picks three stocks to profit from market volatility.

Buy into outsourcing – the world’s greatest growth industry

Some spectacular failures have made outsourcing a dirty word. But the industry is here to stay, says Jonathan Compton.

Three good plays for income

Seek out companies likely to grow their dividend, says professional investor Sam Morse. Here, he tips three such stocks to buy now.

How the share tipsters fared last year…

Tim Price look back at how the British media’s financial pundits fared with their tips in 2015, and casts an eye over what they’re tipping for the year ahead.

MoneyWeek’s top ten tipsters of 2015

Despite it being a difficult year for British stocks, most of our share tipsters beat the FTSE 100. Here, we take a look at the most successful.

The 12 investments our experts would snap up now

Will oil keep falling? Have commodities finally hit bottom? John Stepek talks to our panel of experts to find out their views, and what they are buying now.

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