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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

April 2014: A shaky start to 2014 Stocks have had a wobbly start to the year. We remain wary of US stocks, which are expensive. European shares are far better value, and Japan is still a buy. Emerging markets have their problems, but they are increasingly reflected in the price.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Share in focus: Will DIY make a comeback?

Phil Oakley looks at how the housing market has affected business for Kingfisher, and whether now is the time to buy into the home improvement group.

Three of China's home-grown brands to buy now

Fund manager Charles Awdry tips three strong Chinese brands that have a competitive advantage over their foreign rivals.

How to avoid inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb explains how you could avoid paying tax on your estate – and earn yourself a nice long-term income at the same time.

Invest in the 'free energy' revolution

Firms pioneering batteries for renewable energy could profit handsomely from the mass adoption of wind and solar. Dr Matthew Partridge tips the best shares to profit.

When Britain grows, this company booms

David Thornton looks at a small-cap recruitment company that stands to make healthy profits as Britain’s economy improves.

How you could profit from Latin America's energy crisis

Demand for power in Latin America is soaring. James McKeigue looks at how to invest as the continent upgrades its energy infrastructure.

Why Britain needs blackouts

This Plymouth-based energy company is using the experience it gained in European offshore wind to build a promising position in Latin America.

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