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How to profit from the end of China’s one-child policy

China’s one-child policy is finally being scrapped. That’s good news for investors, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he picks the best way for you to profit.

Shares to prosper in austerity

There are opportunities to be found, even in a low-growth environment, says professional stock picker Tom Walker. Here, he tips four.

Hutch Vernon: Warren Buffett is a genius

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Hutch Vernon, co-portfolio manager of the Flexible Equity Fund, Brown Advisory, about Warren Buffett, American equities and the death of cash.

Invest in the future: five game-changing technologies

Over the past 15 years, technology has revolutionised industries across the globe. Matthew Partridge looks at what will shape the next 15.

Fishing for profits in Europe

Professional stock picker Richard Pease tips four high-quality European stocks to stash away in your portfolio.

We’ve grown fat on the butter – but we need guns too

Peaceniks have increasingly restrained Western military might, to the benefit of general living standards. But we live in a new bellicose era – we’d be wise to invest in defence, says Jonathan Compton.

Buy into Mario’s profits adventure

Professional investor Michael Lindsell tips three Japanese stocks to buy for the long run.

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