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Picking good stocks can be tough, especially when markets are so volatile. How do you find companies? Do you stick with the traditionally safe blue chips or take a punt on riskier – but potentially more lucrative – small-cap stocks?

MoneyWeek’s experts can cut through the confusing mess of financial information and home in on the best shares to buy for the future.

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Why I’m shorting this much-loved stock

Tesla CEO Elon Musk © Getty Images

Electric-car maker Tesla is one of the darlings of the American stockmarket. But today, Dominic Frisby has decided to short it. Here, he explains why.

Gamble of the week: beaten-up smoke alarms maker

This maker of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is a speculative punt, says Alex Williams. But its also looks excessively cheap.

Herbie on the naughty step

Tesla Model S

The furore over the emissions scandal could hardly have come at a better time for electric and driverless-car makers, says Alex Williams.

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Brave the chaos and venture into Brazil

Political scandals and the commodity collapse have hammered Brazil. However, the country still has great prospects and its stocks look cheap. It’s time to buy, says Matthew Partridge.

Putting a rocket under Saga

Saga floated two years ago when it persuaded 160,000 loyal customers to buy into the company. Alex Williams looks at how the shares have fared.

Nike fends off rivals

The American sportswear brand is no stranger when it comes to beating rivals, says Alex Williams.

How to profit from the peaceful rise of the robots

Robots won’t kill us or take our jobs, says Eoin Treacy. Rapid advances in robotics are set to make the world a better place. If you want to cash in, here are the six stocks to buy.

Stocks for income seekers

Income seekers are having a tough time. Professional investor Lucy Walker tips three regular dividend payers to buy now.

Daily Mail eyes up Yahoo

The Daily Mail and General Trust, the owner of the Daily Mail, is considering a bid for ailing search engine Yahoo.

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