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The best property buys in the eurozone

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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

May 2015: Follow the printed money In developed markets, pick regions with a tailwind provided by central banks – ie Europe and Japan, where equities are still reasonably valued, and the earnings outlook has improved. In emerging markets, go for countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Gervais Williams: if you want real dividend growth, buy small-cap stocks

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews small-cap stock expert Gervais Williams about how penny shares outperform blue chips ‘again and again’.

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.

Seven best-buy commodities stocks

Commodities have been on a roller-coaster journey recently. Yet professional investor Michael Hulme is cautiously optimistic. Here, he picks seven best-buy commodities stocks.

Stay long or be wrong on stocks

Stocks may be pricey, but they have further to go – canny investors should continue to buy the least-bad asset class, says Jonathan Compton.

Tailwind lifts European stocks – here are three to buy

Renewed consumer confidence has bolstered earnings in Europe. Professional stock picker Blake Crawford tips three European stocks to buy now.

Three Asian stocks to buy now

Asian equities offer attractive growth relative to the rest of the world. Portfolio manager Andrew Graham tips three stocks to buy in.

This tiny healthcare stock could revolutionise cancer treatment

David Thornton looks at one small Aim-listed biotech company that has the product and the management behind it to succeed.

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