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The hidden flaws in Britain's economy

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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

March 2015: Buy cheap stocks Buy reasonably valued markets supported by money printing: the eurozone and Japan are better bets than the US. As far as emerging markets are concerned, we like India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Brazil is in such a mess that it's become very cheap, and worth a look for long-term investors.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Dividend payouts are a strong indicator of a solid company

Investing in small growth-stocks is exciting, but it also pays to look for quality, says David Thornton. That means dividends.

Aim gets a lot of bad press but it plays a vital role in developing small companies

It’s easy to knock Aim, says David Thornton. But it plays a key role in developing the small-company sector of Britain’s economy.

Latin American tourism is about to boom – and we’ve got a way in

Investors often associate tourism with fun, but not big returns. That’s a mistake, says James McKeigue. Tourism is big business in Latin America.

Three top-quality cash-generating stocks

Professional investor Simon McGarry tips three high-quality, reasonably priced cash-generating stocks to buy now.

Everything you need to know before you invest in Aim shares

Investing in Aim shares can be a bit of a gamble. But get it right, and you can make handsome profits. Here, Kam Patel provides a few pointers for success.

Giles Hargreave: a small-cap investor’s recipe for success

Giles Hargreave is one of Britain’s best small companies investors. So, what’s his secret? Kam Patel investigates.

Giles Hargreave: investment guru aiming high with small companies

Kam Patel talks to Giles Hargreave – the best small companies investor in Britain today – about investing in Aim shares.

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