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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

August 2015: China shatters The Chinese rout continues, with the fallout also hitting Asian and emerging markets. As for developed markets, you should focus more on Europe. In particular, we'd be interested in Italy, or even Greece (for those with an appetite for risk).

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Why you should keep buying broken China

The renminbi has dropped and markets are jittery – but a great long-term buying opportunity for Chinese equities lies ahead, says Rupert Foster.

A brighter spot in the small stocks universe

Investors in a fund such as this need to be comfortable with volatile small stocks, but for those who are, it could be an interesting option.

Snap up these three global growth stocks

Investors should make the most of the freedom to invest abroad, says professional stockpicker Jeremy Thomas. Here, he tips three global growth stocks to buy now.

What Google’s big reshuffle means for investors

Google is to restructure itself under a new umbrella company – Alphabet. Matthew Partridge looks at what the reinvention means for Google, and for investors.

Why you should invest in forestry – and what to buy

With demand for forest products guaranteed, smart investors will snap up key firms servicing the industry, says Jonathan Compton.

Should you buy RBS shares?

The government is quietly selling its stake in RBS, the bank it bailed out at a cost of £45bn. Here, Matthew Partridge looks at whether the shares are worth buying.

How to profit from falling commodities prices

Commodities are plunging lower and that could be a signal everything else will follow. Alex Williams looks at how clever investors can still profit.

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