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If you’re completely new to investing, read these articles first

Two things to do before you put a penny in the stock market

It’s important to get your house in order before you start buying shares. Here’s how to lay the foundations for successful investing.

How to achieve your financial goals

If you’re investing for a comfortable retirement, then you’ve got to beat inflation. And there’s really only one way to do that – here’s how.

Five reasons why you can beat the City

If you think you don’t stand a chance against the City’s sharpest fund managers, think again. When it comes to investing, you’ve got the edge.

The lowdown on passive investing

Video tutorial: the lowdown on passive investing

Passive investing is one of the cheapest ways to invest. Ed Bowsher explains how it works, and what to watch out for.

A beginner's guide to bonds

Video tutorial: a beginner's guide to bonds

It’s easy to become confused about bonds – the term covers a wide range of financial products, many of which are very different from each other. In this video, Ed Bowsher offers a simple explanation of the main types of bond.

The real threat Ukraine poses to your portfolio

Markets have barely reacted to the crisis going on in Ukraine, says John Stepek. Should investors be more worried, or is there another threat?

Why a good broker is worth paying for

Shareholder meetings play a crucial part in investing. Bengt Saelensminde reveals three ways of making sure your voice is heard.

Don’t get too comfortable – the eurozone crisis isn’t over yet

The scrum to get hold of Greek bonds isn’t a sign that the eurozone crisis is over, says John Stepek. Another flare-up could be around the corner.

I’m still shorting France, QE or no QE

European money printing may be on the cards. But Bengt Saelensminde’s not ready to give up on his French trade just yet.

The three simple truths you need to know to be a successful investor

Investors have a lot to worry about these days. But here, Phil Oakley explains what really matters.

The advantages of value investing

Value investing – buying shares that trade at less than their intrinsic value – works. So why doesn’t everyone do it? Phil Oakley explains.

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