US economy

The golden age of television

Matthew Partridge picks the stocks to watch

Trump’s “smoking gun”?

Explosive emails show that Donald Trump’s son welcomed a purported Russian government effort to help his father’s presidential campaign.

Why have US wages stayed so low?

The US labour market has roared back to life, but wages are yet to catch up.

Chart of the week: motorbike makers’ mid-life crisis

America’s motorcycle industry hit a wall during the Great Recession – and never clambered back into the saddle as older riders hang up their leathers.

Chart of the week: America goes shopping

The banking crisis forced US consumers to deleverage. Between 2008 and 2013 they worked off 12% of their borrowings – having spent the 63 previous years growing them.

A demoralising defeat for the Democrats

Had the Democrats won, it would have been a major blow to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies. Emily Hohler reports.

Trump’s Russia imbroglio – a red herring?

President Donald Trump’s allies fear the investigation is becoming too partisan.

The tug of war between the Federal Reserve and the markets

The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates again yesterday. But the markets seem to be concerned that things are moving too fast. John Stepek looks at what’s got them worried.

Trump’s climate call is bad for the US

Donald Trump’s decision to take America out of the Paris climate change agreement is bad news for the US. Matthew Lynn explains why.

How long can this party in US stocks go on?

Nothing seems to be able to slow the relentless rise of US stocks, says Andrew Van Sickle.

How to play Trump’s predicament

Investors don’t seem to be giving much thought to what happens if President Donald Trump is impeached, says Matthew Lynn. That could be a costly mistake.

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