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How to invest in the most in-demand precious metal on Earth - SILVER

Silver is in something of a sweet-spot right now: demand is rocketing and supply is plummeting.

Right now you have a window of opportunity. One we think you can and should exploit to the full.

Investor sentiment surrounding silver – and mining as a whole - is still very low. Over the last five years, coming out of the financial crisis, banks have been dumping silver and there has been a huge ETF sell-off.

It's a deeply unfashionable asset. And a seriously undervalued one.

That's what makes it such a great time to buy.

When the wider market wakes up to the fact that demand is fast outstripping supply, we see one clear outcome – a significant rise in the price of silver.

As uses for this metal grow (10,000 and counting) and industries start to get nervous about a supply crunch, demand could spike.

Read some of our articles below and click here to find out more on this in-demand metal, and you'll get a better idea of our case for silver.

My silver plan

Bengt Saelensminde explains why the price of silver could be poised for take-off.

This is my kind of trade

Silver has had a tough time of late. But as Bengt Saelensminde explains, rising demand could be about to change that.

Silver has scope for recovery

After several years of gradual decline, silver prices could be due a rebound.

Silver embarks on a wild ride

Silver is often written off as a cheap version of gold, but it is extremely volatile, and impossible to predict.

I’m surprised to say this, but it might be time to buy silver

There are plenty of reasons to be bearish on silver. But despite everything, Dominic Frisby is buying. Here, he explains why.

Platinum hits bottom

Weakness in the eurozone has hit the price of platinum.

Philip Manduca: ‘Forget gold – diamonds are the best store of value’

Philip Manduca, executive chairman of Paragon Diamonds, talks to Kam Patel about why he thinks gold is ‘no longer fit for purpose’, leaving diamonds as the ideal investment.

Silver will regain its shine

The price of silver has slid along with gold. But the longer term is more promising for investors.

Gold and silver’s time will come again, but there’s more pain ahead for now

There has been carnage in the gold and silver markets. Dominic Frisby looks at how far the bear market has to go.

How low can gold and silver go?

Judging by the charts, the outlook for gold is nasty, says Dominic Frisby. And it looks even worse for silver. Just how bad could things get?

Palladium rockets to 13-year high

The price of palladium has surged to its highest level since February 2001.

Don’t ditch the insurance policy

The crisis is over and the economic recovery seems to be picking up speed. Does that mean the case for holding gold is finished? We wouldn’t be so hasty.

The silver dilemma: five great reasons to buy – and two good reasons to sell

No metal is quite as erratic as silver – but its potential to make its buyers rich is huge. Dominic Frisby examines the charts.

The white-hot white metals

Platinum and palladium prices have soared, and there could be further to go yet.

A ‘perfect storm’ could send these two precious metals soaring

The price of platinum and palladium is set to rise as supply problems continue and demand increases. Dominic Frisby picks the best ways for you to invest.

Platinum outlook still bullish

The price of platinum may have slipped recently, but don’t write off a rally.

Why the silver price looks like it could fall by 20%

As an investment, silver promises much but rarely delivers. The long-term outlook may be good, but there could be trouble round the corner for the silver price, says Dominic Frisby.

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