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Simon Cuff, advertising sales director
+44 (0)207 633 3720

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Kevin Cook-Fielding, art director


Magazine advertising

Mags-08-01-2012 MoneyWeek provides intelligent, easy-to-read analysis of the week's financial news, with practical investment advice for private investors. Opinionated and enjoyable, MoneyWeek covers all areas of investing – property, shares, funds, commodities, etc, – both in the UK and globally.

"Money Week is the best of the financial magazines"
Barry Norris, Partner, Argonaut Capital

The reader

MoneyWeek is read by the cash rich/time poor who wish to take an interest in their finances, but do not want to wade through the financial pages of broadsheets, or those of other specialist financial magazines.

Basic facts

• The UK's best selling financial magazine
• ABC for MoneyWeek magazine, Jul – Dec 2011: 50,036
• 92% male
• 35-64 years old
• 20% board directors
• Mean value of investments is £715,000
• Mean personal income is £71,000
• 17% of readers earn over £100,000 pa

Sources: ABC Jul – Dec 2011, Duck Financial Research 2011

Magazine production specs

• Full Page: 210mm wide x 297mm deep + 3mm bleed
• Format: ads may be provided as a 'pass for press' quality PDF. All pictures used must be CMYK.
• Delivery: 'pass for press' quality PDFs can be supplied on CD or sent by email.
• Please supply all ads and direct any production/layout questions to Kevin Cook-Fielding. (
Address: Moneyweek Ltd, 8th Floor, Friars Bridge Court, 41-45 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NZ.

Magazine page rate

Consumer page = £4,000.
Finance/corporate page = £5,000.



Advertising in Money Morning

money morning Money Morning is a free daily investment email from the publishers of MoneyWeek. As with the magazine it is concise and enjoyable, and covers:

• What's happening in the markets.
• The latest investment opportunities that our readers can profit from.
• How the day's economic and political developments will affect our readers' wealth.
• Refreshingly different investment insights in recommended articles every day.

Basic facts

• 89% are male
• 35-64 years old
• 17% board directors
• Mean value of investments is £653,000
• Mean personal income is £66,000
• Daily distribution: 100,000, Monday to Friday.

Source: Duck Financial Research 2011

All email readers have opted in, (via the MoneyWeek website, other online campaigns, and direct mail).

Email list is cleaned of repeated bounce-backs and old addresses once a month.


Advertising opportunity for one Solus email per week, broadcast every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Rate: £100 per 1,000.
+ Banner, 468x60: £500 per email.

Production specs

For Solus email:

Standard HTML only. CSS not supported

Creative should be sent to 7 days prior to broadcast.



Advertising on is the digital extension of the MoneyWeek brand and as such provides intelligent, opinionated yet accessible articles on every area of investing.

It works in conjunction with the magazine, providing extra information on magazine features, tracking the magazine's share tips, providing an enormous database of past articles and now featuring unique editorial.

Basic facts

• 1,238,000 page impressions a month
• 461,000 visits a month
• 290,000 are unique users
• Time spent on site: seven minutes

Audience profile

• 90% Male
• 35-64 years old
• 13% are board directors

Sources: ABCe Oct 2010, Duck Financial Research 2011

Advertising rate

Banner: 468x60 - £15 cpm
Leaderboard: 728x90 - £17 cpm
Skyscraper: 120x600 - £20 cpm
Supersky: 160x600 - £22 cpm
MPU: 300x250 - £30 cpm