Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket.

Ed Bowsher explains how they work, and why we like them so much.

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Video tutorial - why profit margins matter

Why profit margins are really useful

In this video, Ed Bowsher explains how to calculate a company’s profit margin, why it is the best way to evaluate profitability, and how you can use it when analysing a company.

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  • Roy Pettifer

    Clear concise and helpful

  • Robin505

    Well said, Ed. I have been investing for 35 years and I use investment trusts a lot. Many will tell you they are a boring lot, managed by buffoons. None of mine have been. In fact, I have had some spectacular returns over the years through these trusts. The most notable was Graphite Enterprise Trust which gave me a 1200% return over ten years. Yes, you read that correctly. That was in their heyday of course and I no longer hold them.
    I concur with Ed, too about Unit Trusts and OIECs and their charges etc. In my opinion, they are best avoided. I have never held one and probably never will!