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The best investment ideas for 2018: bet on platinum and Phnom Penh

MoneyWeek’s regular contributors each pick one of their favourite investment ideas from around the world for 2018 and beyond.

Dow milestone is a dud

The Dow Jones reaching 25,000 has got newspapers all in a flap. That, as John Stepek explains, is just plain nonsense.

What happens before a market melts down? It melts up, of course

With signs of excess and irrational behaviour creeping in, the equity bull market is living on borrowed time. But before it crashes, it could surge another 30%, says John Stepek.

Trump manages to get some work done – what does it mean for investors?

Donald Trump’s cut in the US corporate tax rate is good news for companies, but what about investors? John Stepek explains what it means for you.

Did one man trigger the Great Depression?

Some claim that the downfall of Clarence Charles Hatry was the trigger for the Great Depression. John Stepek looks at what actually happened in the Hatry Crisis of 1929.

What’s unsettled US stocks?

After eight weeks of gains on the trot, US stocks dipped last week.

Big changes leave stocks unmoved

The US administration has finally fleshed out its tax-reform proposals. But neither that nor the announcement of a new Fed chair made much difference to the markets.

The biggest lesson that 2007 can teach investors

Almost exactly a decade ago, the FTSE closed near its peak for the year. Then things deteriorated – rapidly. John Stepek looks at what lessons investors can draw from the crisis that ensued.

These charts suggest a US recession could be closer than we think

Neither investors nor economists are worried about the US. But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest a recession could be just around the corner, says Dominic Frisby.

Doped-up stocks will party on

The CBOE Volatility index, or “fear gauge”, which tracks the extent to which investors try to hedge against market turbulence, hit a 24-year low last week as US stocks hit new all-time highs.

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