The Dow heads lower with Fibonacci bounces

I don’t normally write to you two days on the trot. But these are not normal times!

I think something big could be happening.

So today, I have a short extra article to follow up on yesterday’s article on the dramatic moves in the Dow.

These moves have been following the textbook pretty much to a T.

In this morning’s chart on the 15-minute scale (see below), we had the huge plunge down to the sub-12,600 level, where the market became very short-term oversold.

Then, later in the day, we had the relief rally taking it right up to the Fibonacci 38% retrace of the big move down from last Thursday’s high.

Dow Jones spread betting chart

(Click on the chart for a larger version)

And the market now appears to be resuming the downtrend.

In other words, that rally top at the 12,740 level was another opportunity to get short for a low-risk entry.

Here’s the rally in close-up:

Dow Jones spread betting chart

(Click on the chart for a larger version)

See how the rally has a clear A-B-C form, indicating a counter-trend move, and not a new bull move.

Also, we have a superb negative momentum divergence between the A and C wave highs (green arrows).

That was another reason to suggest the rally was petering out at the 12,740 area.

Of course, nothing is certain. The option exists for the market to move above the C wave high. If this occurs, I would be looking for a larger A-B-C form and for the rally to turn at possibly the Fibonacci 50% level in the 12,780 area.

Remember, this is not a trade recommendation. But by following real-time examples such as this, I hope to show how you can use my methods for high-probability, low-risk trading.

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Putting it all together

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