Natural gas

Don’t expect to see $100 oil again soon – here’s why

The oil price has had a good run lately. But with the industry undergoing fundamental changes, we won’t see $100 a barrel any time soon, says John Stepek.

Fracking rejected in Blackpool

The nascent UK fracking industry has suffered a major setback following Cuadrilla’s failed bid to drill four exploratory wells.

'Another Russia' will keep a lid on the oil price

Applying shale techniques to mature conventional oil fields could tap another 140 billion barrels worldwide.

How David Lenigas struck oil in Gatwick and became 'Britain’s JR'

Miner turned businessman, David Lenigas has people worried in England’s southeast over his plans to drill for oil.

Jeremy Grantham: Oil price slump won’t last

Investment guru Jeremy Grantham believes US fracking is a red herring, and oil prices are set to rise.

Has the price of black gold hit bottom already?

A rising oil price changes everything as far as investors are concerned. John Stepek and Matthew Partridge tip the best shares to profit.

Britain would be 'mad' to ban fracking

Britain is dependent on gas to meet its energy needs. Can we really afford not to frack?

Energy bills finally start to fall

Households have started to see a cut in their energy bills after utility companies pass on lower gas prices.

Oil legend Algy Cluff urges Osborne to think bigger on tax cuts for struggling sector

Energy entrepreneur Algy Cluff is urging George Osborne to make much more drastic tax cuts for North Sea oil and gas companies, including a ten-year tax holiday for new discoveries.

Expect dramatic falls in the gas price

Gas prices could be set to fall heavily as supply exceeds expectations.

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