Corporate bonds

The credit market warning klaxons are blaring – investors beware

America’s biggest mutual fund failure since 2008 is a sign of serious problems in the bond markets, says John Stepek. Equity markets could well be next.

Something big brews in bonds

The lack of liquidity in the bond market could see a sell-off turn into a rout, with prices tumbling as everyone tries to sell – but nobody wanting to buy.

Don’t ignore the risks of retail bonds

The price crash of a London-listed bond should be a salutary reminder that some retail bonds are riskier than investors believe. Marina Gerner explains.

Vultures start to circle corporate bonds

Since the financial crisis, record-low interest rates and printed money have inflated a bubble in corporate borrowing. Now it’s leaking air.

The assets to buy now – September 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s September’s take on the major asset classes.

Central bankers aren’t omnipotent – and that’s a big risk for markets today

Investors put a lot of faith in central bankers being able to control the markets. John Stepek explains why that’s a big mistake.

The best high-yielding corporate bonds

Professional investor James Foster picks three high-yielding corporate bonds to buy now

Chart of the week: is this the start of the bond crunch?

The commodities crunch is sparking problems in another market – junk bonds, as this chart shows.

Keep an eye on the rout in junk bonds – it could spread fast

There have been ugly scenes in the junk bond market. It could turn into a full-blown panic – and that would be very bad news for stocks, says John Stepek.

A war of words over junk bonds

Activist investor Carl Icahn has accused BlackRock of offering high-yield bond ETFs to investors who don’t understand the risks.

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How corporate bonds work

Ed Bowsher looks at how corporate bonds work, how risky they are, and whether or not they're a good investment for most people.