Walter Price

Walter Price is manager of the Allianz RCM Technology Fund.

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Fangs with further to go

The big tech giants have enjoyed a strong year, says professional investor Walter Price. And they're not done yet.
22 Dec 2017
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Three tech stocks to profit from disruption

Technology renders old industries obsolete, and bring new industries into existence. Professional investor Walter Price picks three tech stocks that s…
2 Jun 2017
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Seven top tech stocks to snap up now

Technology stocks have an important part to play in a portfolio, says professional stock picker Walter Price – such as these seven.
29 Jul 2016
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Outrunning the overvalued unicorns

Highly valued tech start-ups, called unicorns, can lure investors into making mistakes. Professional stock picker Walter Price tips four safer stocks …
4 Dec 2015
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Three innovative tech stocks to buy now

Investors should look to the tech sector for fast-pace growth. Professional stockpicker Walter Price tips three tech stocks to buy now.
27 Apr 2015
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Eight top tech stocks to buy now

For investors in the tech sector, 2014 is shaping up to be a good year. Here, professional stock picker Walter Price tips eight stocks to buy now.
23 Dec 2013