Tom Walker

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Three solid stocks to pilot you through the economic turbulence

Professional investor Tom Walker picks three sustainable stocks from around with world that should provide value whatever global markets do.
13 Jul 2018
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Shares to prosper in austerity

There are opportunities to be found, even in a low-growth environment, says professional stock picker Tom Walker. Here, he tips four.
9 Nov 2015
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Five high-conviction stocks to buy now

Fund manager Tom Walker tips five good-quality stocks set to withstand any wobbles in the global recovery.
29 Sep 2014
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Pick stocks with conviction

How can you pick stocks with any certainty when markets are anything but certain? The answer, says professional stock picker Tom Walker, is simple.
2 Sep 2013
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Three tough stocks for rough times

The financial crisis in the eurozone, the flagging US economy and rising inflation here in the UK all point to struggling stock markets. But if you re…
14 Oct 2011
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Three of the world's best firms to buy now

The global economy may be slowly improving, but there are still plenty of challenges ahead for both developed economies and emerging markets. While th…
4 Mar 2011
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The US is still a land of opportunity

Despite the barrage of bad news from across the pond, professional investor Tom Walker believes there are still companies in America that are thriving…
3 Apr 2009