Swen Lorenz


The best investment options in Germany

Despite Germany's uncertain economic outlook, investors stand to make healthy gains by diversifying and sticking to good, old-fashioned value stocks, …
13 Aug 2010

A German property blue-chip going cheap

Germany didn't get to join in with the fun of the property boom, but it's suffering from the bust all the same. So is there anything still worth buyin…
5 Dec 2008
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Three ultra-contrarian bets from the world's toxic zones

Sven Lorenz, chief executive of Swiss fund management firm ARBB, chooses three contrarian stock tips from around the world.
31 Oct 2008
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Billionaires in the know are piling into this stock - the brave should follow them

When insiders of a closely-controlled company buy millions of pounds worth of shares, it's usually worth taking a closer look.
3 Oct 2008
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Double your money with this metals stock

It's an English company, it's listed in Germany and in a former life it went bankrupt. But get past the complications, and this stocks looks like a bu…
16 Jan 2008
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US railroad operators are back on track

Despite being marginalised on the US stockmarket, American railroad companies have proved themselves stellar performers. What has caused this renewed …
26 Jun 2006