Stuart Widdowson

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Three reliable earners to buy

Trying to second guess the markets is a mug's game. Fund manager Stuart Widdowson tips three solid stocks to grow your portfolio.
19 Dec 2014
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Three income-producing UK stocks

With UK gilts offering record low yields, investors are right to search for income, says professional stock picker Stuart Widdowson. Here, he tips thr…
3 Aug 2012
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Three quality companies to try now

Professional investor Stuart Widdowson looks for smaller companies that are market leaders in their niche, with strong management teams and sound bala…
15 Nov 2010
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Three unloved stocks to fall for

With stockmarkets riding high, you may be forgiven for thinking there is no value left. But professional investor Stuart Widdowson believes you can st…
23 Apr 2010