Stephen Bland

Stephen runs his own investment newsletter, The Dividend Letter, based on his successful 'High Yield Portfolio' strategy.
Investment strategy

If you really want income, do this

Stephen Bland of The Dividend Letter explains his income investing strategy, and why he's not bothered about the recent big falls in the stockmarkets.
25 Feb 2016

Stephen Bland: What I learned from Jim Slater

As editor of the Dividend Letter, Stephen Bland knows about income stocks. Here, he describes a career that included a stint with the late investment …
31 Dec 2015

What really drives share prices

In the long term, over years, share prices are driven by company profits. But what drives the price of shares in the short term? Stephen Bland explain…
17 Apr 2012
Investment strategy

Why you should stick to high-yielding stocks

Many people think they will do well out of trading shares regularly over time. But hardly anyone does. For the majority of private investors, the bigg…
13 Dec 2010

Don't panic: the world isn't ending

The headlines may be grim and the UK may be headed for recession. But, says Stephen Bland, if you think things are bad now, they're nothing compared t…
15 Aug 2008
Investment strategy

Five common investment mistakes to avoid

Not making good returns? That could be down to just five common investment mistakes. Stephen Bland explains what they are – and how you can avoid them…
6 May 2008
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The lazy investor’s guide to making money

Too many investors think the money is in action, in trading. In fact, most would do well to buy into choice high-yielders and leave well alone, says S…
6 May 2008