Rahul Sharma

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Aim’s strongest small-caps

Aim-listed penny shares are now fair game for your Isa, but watch out for volatility, says professional stock picker Rahul Sharma. Here, he tips three…
29 Jul 2013
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Cash in on the rise of Asia’s consumers

Rising wages in Asia is good news for Western companies with exposure to emerging-market consumerism, says professional investor Rahul Sharma. Here, h…
15 Jun 2012
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Three stocks to profit from China and India

The populations of China and India are younger than in Europe - and their workforces are expanding too. That means Western retailers exposed to these …
30 Sep 2011
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Three healthy US brands to buy now

Many companies have had to streamline their operations and cut costs in the wake of the recession. But as a result, they are in much better shape than…
8 Apr 2011
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Profit from the return of luxury

The 'death of luxury' has been regularly proclaimed in the wake of the credit crunch. But professional investor Rahul Sharma believes luxury goods are…
27 Nov 2009
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Four retail survivors to buy now

Conventional wisdom holds that the golden age of retail is over. But professional investor Rahul Sharma isn't so sure. Here, he picks four strong play…
11 Sep 2009