Max King

Max was for nearly 30 years a fund manager at Finsbury Asset Management, JO Hambro and Investec Asset Management. Responsibilities in the first two included the management of ten investment trusts; at IAM, he managed multi-asset funds. These funds were to a greater (Invested Managed Growth) or lesser extent investors in investment trusts and other closed end funds across the market spectrum. Before fund management, he qualified as a chartered accountant, worked in corporate finance and in risk arbitrage. He retired from full time work in late 2016.

See here for details of current investments held by Max.


Compound interest: the eighth wonder of the world

Setting up a pharmaceuticals trust in the mid-1990s taught Max King the power of compounding
26 May 2020
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An investment trust to tap into the US market's galloping growth

This America-focused investment trust from Baillie Gifford allows investors to profit from rapid technological change, says Max King.
18 May 2020

Alternative assets are now mainstream – but should you buy in?

Alternative assets such as infrastructure, debt and private equity, traditionally help diversify a portfolio away from listed equities. Max King takes…
12 May 2020
Investment trusts

Choose carefully when buying real estate investment trusts

Some real estate investment trusts (Reits) are on hefty discounts to net asset value, but not all are bargains, says Max King.
7 May 2020
Investment trusts

Solid income from a renewable energy "tortoise" fund

GCP Infrastructure plods along compared with its rivals, but offers an attractive yield at the current price
4 May 2020
Global Economy

How the world can prevent another Covid-19

If only we’d listened to Dr Jonathan Quick, says Max King. In 2018, he explained how to stop a pandemic.
24 Apr 2020

Broaden your investment horizons with global trusts

Many investment trusts are now managed by teams who look for the best investment ideas from around the world. Here, Max King picks some of the best.
14 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

Smithson Investment Trust: buy now or never

When Fundsmith launched the Smithson investment trust in 2018, scepticism was rife. But it has been a big success, says Max King.
13 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

Finsbury Growth and Income: on track for long-term profits

Nick Train’s Finsbury Growth & Income investment trust is a core holding – and it is now on sale.
7 Apr 2020
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The winning stocks of the post-coronavirus economy

Some stocks proved resilient as the market slump was in full swing last month. That’s because investors have singled out the best long-term bets for a…
2 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

Healthcare funds: pop some pills in your portfolio

Healthcare is set for years of growth and is now available on the cheap. Here are the top healthcare investment trusts.
24 Mar 2020
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Unglamorous profits from offices and shop premises

These two commercial property Reits are not glamorous, but offer generous and dependable yields.
18 Mar 2020

Don’t try to time the market – here's how to get rich slowly with investment trusts

Everyone wants to buy low and sell high. But that's easier said than done, says Max King. The best advice is to focus on the long term and ignore the …
10 Mar 2020
Small cap stocks

Small-cap investment trusts have made a big comeback

Small-cap companies in the bottom segment of the market came alive late last year, as have the funds that invest in them. The rally looks set to conti…
9 Mar 2020
Pension tax

Don't scrap pensions tax relief. We need people to save more, not less

Scrapping higher-rate pension tax relief would amount to double taxation and discourage retirement saving, thereby depriving the economy of crucial …
5 Mar 2020
Investment trusts

There’s still money in bonds for careful investors

Investors should tread carefully in the fixed-income market. But this well-managed investment trust fits the bill.
3 Mar 2020

How to build a properly diversified investment trust portfolio

Max King explains how to build a well diversified portfolio using one of our favourite tools – investment trusts.
25 Feb 2020
Investment trusts

A return to form at Temple Bar Investment Trust

Temple Bar Investment Trust had an excellent 2019 and will profit from the revival of value investing, says Max King.
24 Feb 2020

Why investment trusts are the best vehicle for your money

Max King explains the advantages of investment trusts – sometimes called closed-ended funds – over their open-ended counterparts (or Oeics).
11 Feb 2020
Investment trusts

The return of split-capital investment trusts – and two to buy now

Split-capital investment trusts fell out of favour after a scandal in the early 2000s. But now they're back. Here are two worth a look.
11 Feb 2020
Investment trusts

Why investors should stick with the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

The technology-focused fund should continue to benefit from long-term trends in the sector
28 Jan 2020

Investing in commercial property: a tale of three markets

Student housing, care-home and self-storage owners are solid long-term growth stories in the commercial property sector. But is now the time to buy? M…
17 Jan 2020

Go green and make money with this energy-efficiency investment trust

Helping the environment needn’t mean sacrificing profits, as this energy-efficiency investment trust shows.
13 Jan 2020

Investment trusts: the Cinderella of investment arrives at the ball

Investors should look beyond the market noise of a single year and examine the bigger picture. Max King explains what we can learn from 25 years of in…
8 Jan 2020

Music royalties fund Hipgnosis strikes a discordant note

Hipgnosis, a fund hoping to profit from song royalties, sounds beguiling. But is best avoided for now, says Max King.
21 Dec 2019
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Oakley Capital: a tasty private equity fund at a bargain price

Oakley Capital, the private-equity fund, is cheap, yet its investments are flourishing, says Max King.
19 Dec 2019

How to solve Britain’s crippling housing crisis

Apart from Brexit, housing is the most pressing issue facing the incoming government. A new book explains what it should do. Max King reports.
18 Dec 2019

Neil Woodford continues to cast a shadow over his successor at Invesco

Mark Barnett, former star manager Neil Woodford’s successor at Invesco, has applied the same formula, and is struggling.
10 Dec 2019

How Argentina embarked on the road to ruin

A century ago, Argentina was economically on a par with France and Germany. Left-wing populism may now have irretrievably ruined it, says Max King.
5 Dec 2019
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Five funds to buy into biotech's healthy future

The biotech sector has struggled over the past year, but it remains a solid long-term investment. Here are five good ways to buy in.
26 Nov 2019
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Go global with the Genesis Emerging Markets Trust

The Genesis Emerging Markets Trust believes in thorough fieldwork when seeking out promising investments.
12 Nov 2019

Retail property stocks are in the bargain bin

The savage bear market in the retail property sector may be over, but investors must tread carefully.
30 Oct 2019

Will solar energy investment funds keep shining?

Investment funds designed to profit from the solar energy have done well, but now look expensive, says Max King.
22 Oct 2019

Unleash the power of private equity

Technology-focused private equity fund HG Capital Trust is a successful investor in unlisted companies that has shrugged off political uncertainty
15 Oct 2019
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Find value in this Reit specialising in regional offices

This Reit focusing on opportunities in commercial property outside London looks appealing.
2 Oct 2019
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One of the best investment trusts for emerging market investors

The Utilico Emerging Markets investment trust focuses on infrastructure, an area its competitors often ignore.
1 Oct 2019