Mark Whitehead

Mark Whitehead works at the Securities Trust of Scotland

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Three stocks poised to profit from the plastic problem

Plastic pollution has risen to the top of the public agenda forcing businesses to adjust. Professional investor Mark Whitehead picks three stocks that…
21 Jun 2019
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How the future of motoring will drive profit growth

Professional investor Mark Whitehead picks three of his favourite stocks from the automotive sector.
23 Nov 2018
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Three global growth plays to buy now

Each week, a professional investor tells us where he’d put his money. This week, Mark Whitehead of the Securities Trust of Scotland selects three high…
9 Feb 2018
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The best shares to track down dividends

As income-focused investors, we look for dividend-paying stocks, says professional stock picker Mark Whitehead. Here are three examples.
17 Feb 2017
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Three stocks to buy for reliable returns

Professional investoe Mark Whitehead picks three stocks that he belives can generate a consistent return on invested capital.
27 May 2016