James Lewisohn

James Lewisohn began his career as an investment banker in New York with Bear, Stearns & Co. He went on to work as an M&A advisor in London at UBS Warburg, and was head of private equity for Lord (Jacob) Rothschild's investment group, including RIT Capital Partners Plc and the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. 

James currently works as an advisor to investment funds, family offices and companies, and is chairman of the Investment Committee of Poul & Erna Sehested Hansens Fond, a Danish medical and educational charity. He is also a trustee of Barry & Martin's Trust, a UK charity dedicated to HIV/AIDS prevention and care in China.


The effect of low-skilled immigration on Britain's productivity

The effects of low-skilled immigration into the UK may be more complicated than many people think, says James Lewisohn.
16 Oct 2018

How EU rules caused a diesel stink

The diesel emissions scandal shows how the profit motive seems always to have overriden concerns over unhealthy emissions, says James Lewisohn.
6 Oct 2017

The UK's diesel emissions crisis is another gift from the EU

Statism and corporatism led to misplaced support for flawed diesel engines, argues James Lewisohn.
26 May 2017

The unlikely tale of how the US gave birth to Denmark’s welfare state

US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wants to bring Danish social democracy to America. But as James Lewisohn finds, Denmark owes the very existence…
17 Mar 2016

Negative interest rates and the road to Hell

The world’s central banks are rushing to impose negative interest rates. But with negative rates will come social disaster, says James Lewisohn.
5 Feb 2016

Lloyds selloff must learn from the Royal Mail privatisation fiasco

The Lloyds Bank selloff is a chance to demonstrate that after 30 years, the government can do a privatisation properly, says James Lewisohn.
11 Mar 2014