Graham Buck


Vietnam: the biggest cat in Asia's tiger economies

When George Bush arrives in Vietnam this week for this year's meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, he may find himself wishing he could t…
15 Mar 2007
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The £12bn opportunity in Britain's rubbish

With government targets on recycling to meet, plus anti-landfill directives from the EU, councils are scrambling to find new ways to deal with our rub…
15 Jan 2007
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How can investors benefit from mining sector mergers?

MoneyWeek article: Soaring commodity prices have left the mining industry awash with cash, encouraging firms to join in with the mergers and acquisiti…
21 Dec 2006
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Festive spirit in short supply for retailers

Will it be another cold Christmas on the UK high street? Recent comments from retail analyst Richard Ratner do not bode well. We look at which retaile…
13 Dec 2006
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Will PlayStation 3's cutting edge cost Sony dear?

In the 1980s, Sony's Betamax system lost out to VHS in the battle of the videos. Now its expensive PS3 is under threat from the recently launched Nint…
6 Dec 2006
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Why it's time to bale out of the big banks

Britain’s high-street banks have a problem – more and more of their customers are going bust. The sector faces a rough ride over the next few months. …
17 Nov 2006
Investment strategy

Are you willing to 'shoot the puppy'?

Ever performed a muppet shuffle? Gone to the bleeding edge? Although most people find them annoying, the bizarre corporate metaphors just keep coming.…
20 Sep 2006