Giselle Garcia

Giselle Garcia is a Brazilian journalist currently studying for a master's degree in financial journalism at City University in London. Her focus is on international politics and markets.


Can Putin capitalise on his trump card?

The election of Donald Trump leaves Vladimir Putin in a strong position on a host of geopolitical issues. But can he capitalise on that advantage – an…
9 Dec 2016

Opec strikes a deal – but oil prices are “going nowhere fast”

Opec has agreed to cut production from January by 1.2 million barrels per day, the market is not convinced of the long-term effects of the agreement.
9 Dec 2016

Will Italy set off the next crisis in the eurozone?

The long-term political and financial consequences of Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi’s referendum defeat and subsequent resignation are difficult…
9 Dec 2016

Colombia aims for new peace deal with Farc

The question investors are asking is can Colombian president Santos get the deal with Farc ratified?
18 Nov 2016
Stock markets

Investors still divided over Trump

Investors are still trying to get the measure of Donald Trump one week after he won the race to the White House.
18 Nov 2016

Is the bond bull market almost over?

Could this finally be the end of the bond bull market, after a 35-year run? If it is, get ready for a big shift in the investment landscape.
28 Oct 2016
Spending it

Four of the best cruises

From a five-star gastro-cruise around the Med, to luxury yachting in the Galapagos, Giselle Garcia and Chris Carter picks four of the best cruises.
8 Apr 2016

Cuba comes in from the cold

Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba and the prospect of the US trade embargo ending has sparked a deluge of interest by foreign companies and investo…
25 Mar 2016
Personal finance

Should you switch energy supplier?

Britain’s consumer energy market will be getting yet another mild shake-up in the ongoing effort to get people to switch their energy supplier.
18 Mar 2016
Emerging markets

Indonesia gains confidence

Asian stocks have lost ground since the year began, but the market in Indonesia, southeast Asia’s largest economy, has bucked the trend.
18 Mar 2016

Brazil looks bleak – but too cheap to resist

Brazil is immersed in the worst recession in its history, but it's in the price. Giselle Garcia looks at the best way to invest in Brazilian stocks.
4 Mar 2016
Stock markets

What does the FTSE say about UK plc?

Britain's benchmark index may be down by more than 20%. But it's too soon to start talking about a recession.
19 Feb 2016