Charles Luke

Charles Luke is manager of the Murray Income Trust (LSE: MUT).

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Snap up these three stocks with attractive yields for the long run

Professional investor Charles Luke tips three London-listed income earners that also have the potential to grow their dividends.
3 Aug 2015
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Three good dividend-paying stocks to buy now

Buy high-yield-paying stocks and invest for the long term to grow your wealth. Professional stock picker Charles Lukes tips three.
2 Jun 2014
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Three stocks with strong dividend streams

Professional stock picker Charles Luke tips three stocks to buy now, with robust balance sheets and the ability to grow earnings.
16 Dec 2013

Three stocks to buy for growth and yield

Focus on companies with plenty of cash and generous dividend yields, says professional stock picker Charles Lukes. Here, he tips three such stocks to …
14 Feb 2013
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Three stocks offering growth and income

Buy stocks that exhibit organic growth, diversified revenues and robust balance sheets, says professional investor Charles Luke. Here, he tips three s…
6 Mar 2012
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Three cheap income stocks

With the financial markets so volatile at the moment, it is important to find stocks that offer sound dividends with the potential to grow, says profe…
9 Sep 2011
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Three shares for the tough times ahead

Government stimulus will soon be withdrawn around the world, leading to lower growth and tighter credit. That will make it even more vital to spot gen…
12 Feb 2010