A big, lairy and exciting Mercedes

Mercedes AMG GT

The Mercedes AMG GT was just one car two years ago, but the model line up has expanded rapidly since then, says Lawrence Allan in AutoExpress. This new GT C is the more civilised version of the track-focused GT R. You get the four-wheel-steering and a portion of the extra power of the sportiest model, but in a “more useable and subtle package”. That means a “more exciting and engaging drive than lesser versions”, but with £11,500 left over in your pocket and more space in the boot. What makes the car an especially appealing prospect is its “breadth of dynamic ability”. It feels “impressively planted and composed, scythes through bends with barely any body movement, and the steering is super direct”. This makes for “a really confidence-inspiring experience, allowing you to jump from corner to corner, building speed and exploiting the grip”.

The four-wheel-steering is “tremendous” on a track and it will amaze you by just how readily it changes the car’s direction, says Jeremy Clarkson in The Sunday Times. The effect is, however, to make the car dart somewhat, which is fine and even pleasant if you’re expecting it, but can make your passengers feel travel sick. That aside, there’s a lot to like in this car – it’s “big, lairy and heavy”, yet feels lighter to drive, thanks to its large turbocharged V8 that’s as responsive as the steering. It’s also “properly fast” – “knocking-on-the-door-of-200mph fast”.

It doesn’t do what a Porsche 911 does in terms of sports car performance, says Matt Prior in Autocar, but it does have “its own character, its own showy but relaxed way of doing things”. With a few tweaks along the way, the Mercedes AMG GT has “matured into a very likeable and extremely capable car”. The GT C model is currently only available in a limited edition specification, which adds pounds to the price but little to the appeal. Wait for the standard version.

Price: £138,060. Engine: 4.0-litre, V8, twin-turbo petrol. Power: 550bhp. Top speed: 193mph. 0-62mph: 3.7 seconds.