The greatest Ferrari ever made

Ferrari’s latest supercar, the LaFerrari, “follows in the footsteps of the most exciting entries from the Prancing Horse hall of fame – 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo – and mixes a V12 petrol engine with electric power to create a hybrid hypercar”, says Richard Meaden in Evo magazine.

It is now Ferrari’s fastest ever road car, displacing the F12 Berlinetta – LaFerrari’s top speed is 217mph and it will go from rest to 124mph in less than seven seconds.

And although the hybrid engine and relatively low carbon emissions make this a thoroughly modern motor, the V12 engine remains just what you’d expect from Ferrari: it is a “force of nature” that delivers a “totally explosive driving experience”. It “could well be the greatest Ferrari ever made”.

It is Ferrari’s magnum opus, agrees Charlie Turner on, “a rolling showcase of the limits of road-going possibility”. And it is fast: when you plant your foot to the floor, it doesn’t so much feel like you’re accelerating as “warping scenery”.

But for all the power, it’s strangely unscary to drive, handling well and feeling safe even on hairpin-riddled B roads. In short, LaFerrari is just that: it is the Ferrari.

The only downside is that you’re out of luck if you want one, says Turner. All 499 LaFerraris were sold before the car was first unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow last year. That is despite the £1m price tag and the fact that to even be considered, you needed at least five Ferraris in your collection.

Engine: V12, 6262cc, plus 160bhp electric motor
Max power: 950bhp
Max torque: 664lb ft
0-60mph: sub-3.0 seconds
Top speed: 217mph-plus
Price: about £1m
Carbon dioxide: 220g/km when engine is in hybrid mode