Scottish independence referendum

The people of Scotland go to the polls in September to decide whether Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom, or become independent. We look at the economic and financial pros and cons of independence, and at what the referendum means for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Scottish independence:
The cost of breaking the union

Could an independent Scotland become the next Singapore, or would a 'Yes' vote be an act of national self-harm? Merryn Somerset Webb investigates, and outlines the four key things investors should watch out for in the event of a break-up of the UK.

An independent Scotland must abandon the pound

If Scotland is to leave the union, there can be no half-measures, says Seán Keyes. It must abandon sterling if it is to prosper.

Did the Scottish 'Yes' vote win after all?

The Smith Commission has recommended radical changes to the relationship between Scotland and the UK, but that may not be enough to save the Union. Simon Wilson reports.

More powers for Scotland might be an assumption too far

Politicians on both sides are all assuming Scotland wants more devolved powers. But as Merryn Somerset Webb explains, that’s not for sure.

The West Bromwich question

Following the Scottish independence referendum, the ‘West Lothian-West Bromwich problem’ needs an urgent answer, says Simon Wilson. But is there one?

The West Lothian question – what now?

Since the Scottish referendum, there has been much talk of the ‘West Lothian question’. Rosie Jones explains what it is, and what the answers to it might be.

The Catalonian question

Inspired by the Scottish independence vote, Catalonians are protesting for their right to hold a referendum. Will they get one? Simon Wilson reports.

Scotland votes ‘Yes’ to a United Kingdom – what’s next?

The union may have held, but Scotland’s independence referendum has seriously shaken up British politics. John Stepek looks at what it means for UK investors.

Cameron's 'most colossal misjudgment' on Scotland

The knives are already out for David Cameron as the Scots head to the polls.

Britain: A different – and riskier – country

The Britain that emerges after the referendum will be a very different one, regardless of how Scotland votes.

How Westminster could change after a Yes vote

Rosie Jones looks at how a Yes vote would affect Westminster politics, and what the balance of power would be in the remains of the UK.

Chart of the week: How stocks profited from the union

The union between England and Scotland has been good for business, research has shown.

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