Scottish independence referendum

The people of Scotland go to the polls in September to decide whether Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom, or become independent. We look at the economic and financial pros and cons of independence, and at what the referendum means for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The costs of regime change in Scotland

A ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum could pose a significant financial risk to the rest of the UK.

There is no such thing as a ‘free’ government service

Scotland’s ‘Yes’ campaign is obsessed with ‘free’ childcare. But it’s not free, it’s funded by taxpayers.

Why the English should care more about losing Scotland

There is a lot of complacency about the Scottish independence referendum. But breaking up the union will mean huge changes for the rest of the UK. By no means all of them good.

Heavy-handed tactics in the Scots independence race

Accusations of bullying have been levelled at both the pro- and anti-independence campaigns.

Separatism: it can be good and it can be bad, but it is what it is

No matter what words you want to use, voting for an independent Scotland means separating from the rest of the UK.

Gordon Brown weighs in on the No campaign

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has criticised the No campaign for not addressing the needs of ordinary Scots.

Should Scotland go it alone?

Edinburgh-based fund manager Angus Tulloch talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about why he’ll be voting ‘yes’ in the Scottish referendum.

Scotland: more in common with the Faroe Islands than you think?

Scottish nationalists often like to compare Scotland to Norway. But perhaps they should be looking to the Faroe Islands instead.

One less thing to think about in the Scottish referendum debate

You can happily ignore all the financial arguments for a separate Scotland, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The figures are all pure guesswork anyway.

Would an independent Scotland see capital flee south?

The number of people getting worried about capital controls in an independent Scotland is growing.

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