US stockmarkets

Back in the black

Jonathan Compton says it's time to buy cheap banks

Profit from the internet’s Magnificent Seven

Amazon, Google and Facebook aren’t the only winners in ecommerce and online media – savvy investors should also buy China’s big four to maximise gains, says Rupert Foster.

Jack Welch: impeaching Trump would "blow a hole" in the stockmarket

The impeachment of US president Donald Trump “would blow a hole in the stockmarket”, claims Jack Welch, former chief executive of General Electric.

Trump Bump becomes a nasty jolt

Last week, the market’s tranquillity was finally shattered by a “bombshell” report on Trump that sent the Vix – the main measure of US market volatility – up the most since before the US election

The US dollar has further to fall – which is good news for markets

The Federal Reserve says it will raise interest rates again soon. That will weaken the dollar. And if there’s one thing markets love, says John Stepek, it’s a weak dollar.

How much damage will the “Trump tantrum” do to markets?

As the markets realise Donald Trump isn’t cut out to be president, the Trump bump will become a Trump tantrum, says John Stepek. Prepare your portfolio for the “disillusionment trade”.

Nasdaq 6,000: a new bubble?

The Nasdaq Composite index, Wall Street’s technology-heavy market, has hit 6,000. But it looks a lot more stable than it did when it hit 5,000 17 years ago.

Why are US stocks so expensive, and how long can it last?

US stocks have been unusually expensive for about 20 years. John Stepek examines why, and asks if they’ll ever revert to their former valuations.

US stocks lose faith in the Trump bump

US stocks hit new records in March, but have drifted downwards since then as more and more investors have decided that Trump looks both capricious and ineffectual.

Fund managers hate US stocks – so when’s the bounce coming?

A survey of fund managers finds most of them think US stocks are overvalued. They are certainly expensive, says John Stepek. But it’s hard to argue they’re in a bubble.

Is the US stockmarket in a bubble?

One of the world’s top bubble-spotters doesn’t see in US stocks any signs of the euphoria that traditionally attends a bubble.

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