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Where can I find the special reports?

• You can find special reports for subscribers on this page. (You will have to log in before you can get to this page.)

• There is a link to the special reports on the 'My Subscriptions' page, and the latest issue page.

• If you are not a subscriber, why not subscribe to MoneyWeek?


Where can I download the latest issue of MoneyWeek magazine?

• Subscribers can download a PDF of the magazine from the latest issue page.


Where do I go to gain access to my subscriptions?

• For details of the services you are subscribed to, log in to the website. If you have not done this before, see here. You will be presented with a page containing a list of your subscriptions.

I have a subscription query

Please contact customer services

I want to update my details

Please contact customer services who will be able to do this for you.

Can I pay for my subscription renewal online?

• Yes. You should receive a letter and/or email telling you that your renewal is due. You can then fill in a paper form and post it back to us, complete the online form as directed in the emails, or telephone us to renew your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

• To cancel your subscription please call customer services on 020 7633 3780 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30) You can also submit a cancellation request via the 'contact us' form.

How do I get online access if I am a print only subscriber?

• Print-only subscribers do not have access to subscriber content on the website. If you want this, you must upgrade your subscription to 'Print & Digital'. Please call customer services to do this.

Can I purchase a MoneyWeek subscription as a gift?

• Yes – call customer services who will be able to do this for you.


I want to change the email address and/or password that I use to login

• To change the password you use to login please login and then click on the 'change details' link on the subscriber homepage.

NB: To change the email address you use to login or other details of your magazine subscription (delivery address, payment details etc.) please contact customer services directly.


I signed up for an email, but I'm not receiving it

• Sometimes our emails get caught by over-zealous spam filters. Here's how to ensure you receive our emails.

How do I unsubscribe from MoneyWeek emails?

• At the bottom of every email we send there is a link which you can click on at any time to unsubscribe.


I'm having problems logging in

Click here if you have forgotten your password

• Contact customer services

• If you're still having problems logging in please contact our customer service team, or call 020 7633 3780 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30)

I have clicked on your forgotten password link and I have still not received any emails. What should I do?

• Check your junk mail folder. If it is not there, please contact customer services

I have not received my username and password. How do I get them?

• When you subscribed to MoneyWeek, you should have received an email with your account details.

• It may have been delivered to your junk mail folder – please check to see if it is there.

• If you have checked and it is not there, please contact our customer service team.


I can't find what I'm looking for

• Type your search keywords in the 'search' box at the top of the page. 


I have a comment/question for the editor or the editorial team

• You can contact the editorial team here.


I need to write/email/speak to someone

• Our contact details are here.


I am new to investing and am a bit baffled by some of the terms used. Do you have an online glossary?

• Yes we do - you can find it here.