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What is the yen carry trade?

Video tutorial: What is the yen carry trade?

A favourite trade of hedge funds in recent years has been the yen carry trade. Now, in the wake of the disaster in Japan, they are all piling out, sending the yen soaring. But what is a carry trade? Tim Bennett explains.

How to choose a stockbroker

Video tutorial: how to choose a broker

How to choose a broker: the various kinds, the range of services they provide, and the costs involved.

Why you should avoid structured products

Why you should avoid structured products

Tim Bennett explains what structured products are – and why you should avoid investing in them.

Why you need an Isa

Video tutorial: why you need an ISA

Tim Bennett explains what an individual savings account (Isa) is and why it should form part of every investor’s portfolio.

Investing in funds - why we prefer investment trusts

Video tutorial - investment trusts

Tim Bennett explains why at MoneyWeek we prefer investment trusts over unit trusts.

An introduction to commodities

The commodity markets have seen a surge in investment in recent years – particularly gold, which has hit record highs. Tim Bennett explains what commodity markets are and the different ways to trade in them.

Beginner's guide to the currency markets

Video tutorial: an introduction to the currency markets

In this video tutorial, Tim Bennett explains the key features of one of the biggest markets in the world – foreign exchange.

How spread betting works

Video tutorial: how spreadbetting works

Tim Bennett talks through a practical example of a spread betting trade, and explains how it works.

Why spread bet?

Video tutorial on spread betting

In his latest video tutorial, Tim Bennett explains the advantages and disadvantages of spread betting as opposed to buying and selling shares.

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