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How to invest like Warren Buffett

Video tutorial: How to invest like Warren Buffett

Tim Bennett looks at some of the key principles used by one of the world’s most successful investors, and explains how you can apply them to your own investments.

What are defensive stocks?

Video tutorial: What are defensive stocks?

Tim Bennett explains what defensive stocks are, where to find them and how they can help your investments.

Compound interest: The lazy way to get rich

Video tutorial: Compound interest - The lazy way to get rich

Tim Bennett explains how to get rich without really trying, via the magic of compound interest – one of investing’s most vital concepts.

Warning: the City's formula for pricing shares is bust

Tim Bennett explains why the ‘capital asset pricing model’ (CAPM) – a key tool used to help analysts value shares – doesn’t work.

What is an index?

Video tutorial: What is an index?

Tim Bennett explains what a share market index is. He details some of the differences between international indexes, specifically the Dow Jones and FTSE 100 indexes.

Three ways averages fool investors

Tim Bennett looks at the deceptively simple concept of ‘averages’ and the three ways in which they can mislead investors.

What is technical analysis?

Tim Bennett explains technical analysis – also known as charting – what it is, how it’s used, and the key things investors aim to get out of it.

How to find cheap tech stocks

With young, fast-growing firms some of the classic valuation techniques hit problems. Here, Tim Bennett explains how to compare technology companies and tell which ones are worth putting your money into.

Four ways to reduce your trading costs

Video tutorial: Four ways to reduce your trading costs

Tim Bennett explains why trading costs matter, and outlines four practical steps to keep your costs down and your wealth up.

How to beat inflation

Tim Bennett looks at inflation – what it is, how its measured, and the effect it can have on your wealth – and suggests some straightforward ways of combatting it.

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