Video tutorials – ratios

Are your dividends safe? The dividend cover ratio explained

Video tutorial: dividend cover ratio explained

How do you know if your dividends are safe? Tim Bennett explains the ‘dividend cover ratio’ – an crucial ratio for anyone investing in income-generating stocks.

What is the EV/EBITDA ratio?

Video tutorial: What is the EV/EBITDA ratio?

Tim Bennett explains the EV/EBITDA ratio, a popular measure which analysts use to work out whether a share is cheap or expensive.

Beginner's guide to investing: enterprise value

Tim Bennett explains enterprise value – a way of calculating a company’s worth.

What is the price-to-book ratio?

Video tutorial: What is the price-to-book ratio?

In his latest video tutorial, Tim Bennett explains the price-to-book ratio, a widely-used valuation yardstick.

Beginner's guide to investing: operational gearing

Video tutorial: why costs matter

Our latest video tutorial for novice investors. Tim Bennett explains the importance of operational gearing – or why costs matter.

What is the dividend yield?

Video tutorial: What is the dividend yield?

In the second of his online video tutorials, MoneyWeek deputy editor Tim Bennett explains another of the most popular measures for comparing stocks – the dividend yield.

A beginner's guide to p/e ratios

Video tutorial: what is the price/earnings ratio?

A short video guide to one of the most widely used ratios you’ll see in the financial media – the price/earnings, or p/e, ratio.

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