Video tutorials – financial statements

The trick that turns banking losses into profits

Banks use many accounting tricks to boost profits and fool investors. Tim Bennett reveals one of the biggest, and explains what investors should do about it.

Five key dates every shareholder should know

A raft of FTSE 100 shares recently passed their ex-dividend date. Tim Bennett explains what this means, and highlights four other dates that shareholders should add to their diaries

The accounting trick that fooled Polly Peck's investors

Asil Nadir brought Polly Peck to its knees using a simple accounting trick that could still work today. Tim Bennett explains how you can avoid being caught out.

What is a cash-flow statement?

Video tutorial: What is a cash-flow statement?

Often hidden in a company’s accounts, a cash flow statement is a vital document for making investment decisions. Tim Bennett explains what it is, and what it can reveal to investors.

Why 'mark to market' matters

Video tutorial: Why 'mark to market' matters

Tim Bennett explains ‘mark to market – what it is, how it can make life difficult for investors, and what you can do about it.

What is goodwill?

Video tutorial: What is goodwill?

Huge goodwill write offs by companies are very bad news for investors. Tim Bennett explains what goodwill is and how the directors can use it to pull the wool over your eyes.

Why do profitable firms go bust?

Video tutorial: Why do profitable firms go bust?

Tim Bennett explains the warning signs that will help you spot a profitable company that’s about to run out of cash.

What is a balance sheet?

Video tutorial: What is a balance sheet?

Tim Bennett explains what a balance sheet is for, including the type of information it contains, and how you can use it.

What is 'profit'?

Video tutorial: What is 'profit'?

Tim Bennett explains the various ways profits can be measured, and what each one means.

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