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What is deflation and what does it mean for you?

Video tutorial: What is deflation and what does it mean for you?

If we get deflation, it could bring the current economic recovery to a halt, and hit share prices. Ed Bowsher explains what deflation is, the chances of it actually happening, and how it would affect you.

What is the 'taper'?

Video tutorial: What is the 'taper'?

In this video, Ed Bowsher explains what the ‘taper’ is, and how it’s linked to the US quantitative easing programme.

The lowdown on quantitative easing

Video tutorial: The lowdown on quantitative easing

It’s five years since the Bank of England began its money-printing programme. In the video, Ed Bowsher looks at whether it has been successful.

What is NGDP?

MoneyWeek Video tutorial: What is NGDP?

The Bank of England’s new governor, Mark Carney, thinks central banks should focus on ‘nominal gross domestic product’, or NGDP. Tim Bennett explains what NGDP is, and why Carney’s proposal has caused such a stir.

What is GDP?

MoneyWeek Video tutorial: What is GDP?

Gross domestic product, or GDP, aims to measure a country’s economic health. Tim Bennett explains how it works, and asks how useful it really is.

George Osborne's £35bn raid on the Bank of England

George Osborne has quietly forced the Bank of England to hand over £35bn of profits from quantitative easing. Tim Bennett warns that this stealthy move has massive implications.

What is the gold standard?

Tim Bennett explains in simple terms how a gold standard works, why the last one was abandoned, and whether we should return to one today.

What is Target 2?

Video tutorial: What is Target 2?

Tim Bennett looks at a system at the heart of the European project – ‘Target 2’ – and explains how it works, why it’s in the news, and whether you should worry about it.

What is the LTRO?

Video tutorial: What is the LTRO?

The ‘long term refinancing operation’ – LTRO – is supposed to stop a massive European credit crunch. But what is it and how does it work? Indeed, will it work at all? Tim Bennett explains.

What is 'Operation Twist'?

What is 'Operation Twist'?

‘Operation Twist’ is rumoured to be the Federal Reserve’s latest attempt to stimulate the US’s flagging economy. But what is it? Tim Bennett explains.

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