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A 52.82-carat white diamond ring © Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Diamonds lose their shine for investors

Diamond miners are in dire straits. The $90bn market is being squeezed by demand and supply problems and faces a long-term threat from manufactured ge…
6 Dec 2019
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Ready to motor: it’s platinum’s turn to shine

Palladium and rhodium have outstripped platinum in the past few years. But thanks to the advent of fuel-cell cars, that could soon change, says Domini…
7 Nov 2019
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Ecuador’s El Dorado: be brave and beat the crowd to the boom

Ecuador is finally set to cash in on its vast metals deposits. The domestic political backdrop has stabilised and international investors are beginnin…
24 Oct 2019
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The cycles in the metals market: when will zinc and copper shine?

The prices of two of the world’s most important industrial commodities have slipped over the past few years. Dominic Frisby assesses the outlook and e…
3 Oct 2019
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The lure of Latin America: get set for a new mining boom

Latin America has long been fertile, yet dangerous territory for mining investors. But now the legal backdrop is improving and the prospects for the r…
27 Jun 2019

Gold mining stocks will soon shine

The history of gold mining is so littered with stories of reckless optimism, fraud and ruin that the sector is often ignored. Yet investing in gold mi…
9 Apr 2019
Stock markets

Gold giant Barrick gets greedy

Canada’s Barrick Gold gobbled up a rival just weeks ago, and now wants to take over another. Does the deal stack up? Matthew Partridge reports.
28 Feb 2019
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The conditions are ripe for a spike in the price of this metal – here’s how to invest

Zinc is in short supply. And that could mean a big price rise. Dominic Frisby looks at the fundamentals, and picks some of the best ways to invest.
23 Jan 2019

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Good news for gold mining investors – merger mania is gripping the sector

Newmont Mining is merging with Goldcorp to become the world’s largest gold miner. Dominic Frisby looks at what it mean for the sector, and for investo…
15 Jan 2019

Gold miners should regain their shine – but choose carefully

Mining stocks lagged the gold price during the bull market and have struggled since. Dominic Frisby explains why and highlights some explorers with bo…
6 Dec 2018

Barrick and Randgold: a mega merger in gold

Canada’s Barrick Gold and London-based Randgold Resources are tying the knot. Why now, and will the deal prove a success?
28 Sep 2018

We’ve just seen the biggest merger deal in gold mining history

Gold miner Barrick’s buyout of Randgold Resources is good for both companies and the wider mining sector, says Dominic Frisby. But Randgold’s sharehol…
25 Sep 2018
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The most-hated metal in the world is due a comeback

During the commodities boom, uranium was the bubbliest metal of them all – but the price of the nuclear fuel has collapsed, alongside support for nucl…
5 Jul 2018

Profit from mining euphoria

The BlackRock World Mining Trust has been on a roller-coaster ride, but is recovering well, says Max King.
25 May 2018

Why gold is a better bet than gold miners

Mining stocks are traditionally a leveraged bet on the gold price. But that no longer seems to be true. Dominic Frisby explains why gold itself is now…
18 Apr 2018
Stock markets

This stealth bull market is still in its early stages

The mining sector has performed extremely well in recent months, even as investors worry about the state of the wider market. But, asks John Stepek, c…
5 Sep 2017
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How to profit from the mundane metals miners

A decade-long mining boom has ended. A lack of discoveries today means a shortfall – and price rises – tomorrow. Zinc and lead may not seem thrilling,…
18 Aug 2017
Stock markets

The end is nigh – so it’s time to pile into miners and emerging markets

The end of the long-running bull market in equities is near, says Dominic Frisby. Investors should turn to “late-cycle assets” – mining stocks and eme…
2 Aug 2017

Should you go prospecting?

The resources business can offer tantalising prospects for investors. But don't get caught out, says Matthew Partridge. Here's what to look out for.
17 Feb 2017
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This metal is enjoying one of the quietest bull markets of 2016

Zinc isn’t a glamorous, rare or particularly controversial metal. But it’s had a stellar year so far. Dominic Frisby examines way, and picks the best …
23 Nov 2016

Charles Heenan: patience pays for value investors

The secret of success? Stick to what works, buy cheap, hold out for quality and – above all – bide your time, Charles Heenan tells Merryn Somerset Web…
14 Oct 2016
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Why now looks like a great time to invest in resources stocks

Stuffing your portfolio with commodities isn’t a particularly good idea, says John Stepek. But commodity producing stocks are an entirely different ke…
15 Sep 2016
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BHP Billiton doubles down on its mining strategy

As commodities prices rise, the giant miner is ramping up production. Is that the right strategy, asks Alex Williams.
19 Aug 2016
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Bold boss takes helm at Rio Tinto

The mining giant is emerging from the commodity downturn as the industry’s strongest player, says Alex Williams.
8 Jul 2016
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Gamble of the week: a diamond miner to keep your eye on

Diamond mining is always a risky investment, says Alex Williams. But this miner appears to have hit the motherlode.
6 May 2016

Stick with the miners – this rebound is real

The bull market in commodities is here for the foreseeable future at least. That's good news for mining stocks. John Stepek explains why you should st…
6 May 2016
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Gamble of the week: a risky bet on coal

Royalty trusts might look enticing as a sector, says Alex Williams. But it's best to keep your distance.
15 Apr 2016
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Gervais Williams: three great micro-caps to tuck away now

In a stagnant world, isn’t it great to find small companies investing for growth? Gervais Williams tells Merryn Somerset Webb what his favourites are.
4 Apr 2016
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Back the miners for profits

Gold miners look good, but prospects are brightening for general miners too, says John Stepek.
4 Apr 2016

Stocks make up lost ground

After a nasty slide that saw some indices, including the FTSE 100, fall into bear-market territory, markets have recovered over the past few weeks.
1 Apr 2016
Stocks and shares

The race to buy a British institution

Shares in the London Stock Exchange have jumped to a record high, as foreign exchanges race for ownership of one of the City’s oldest institutions.
11 Mar 2016
Stocks and shares

Is the worst over for mining giant Glencore?

Shares in Glencore rose despite the bad news from the Anglo-Swiss commodities giant, says Alex Williams. Everybody loves the comeback kid.
4 Mar 2016

Swiss central bank bets big on gold miners

Switzerland’s central bank, the Swiss National Bank is putting its cash behind gold miners. Alex Williams reports.
26 Feb 2016

This is one bull market you don’t want to miss

It’s little wonder gold has taken off, given that investors didn’t get the rate rises they were expecting, says Alex Williams. But there is one sector…
19 Feb 2016

Boom times for gold miners

One despised asset class that MoneyWeek has long been bullish on has done rather well. John Stepek explains why he's sticking with gold miners.
11 Feb 2016
Stock markets

Investor psychology has turned: it’s time to look for opportunities

Investors have hit a tipping point – markets are in “risk-off” mode and are going through a huge shake-out. But one sector may have already hit bottom…
18 Jan 2016

Snap up some gold miners

When the conditions are right, gold mining stocks will “rip”. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why.
14 Jan 2016

This could be the start of a great bull market for gold miners

Gold has fallen a long way from its highs, and gold miners are universally reviled. But these are the conditions that create great bull markets, says …
11 Jan 2016

The dire record of active managers in mining funds

The performance of the best actively-managed mining funds has been dismal. Alex Williams reveals a better alternative for your money.
24 Dec 2015

Edward Chancellor: why gold miners are a better bet than conventional miners

In the second part of his interview with Merryn Somerset Webb, Edward Chancellor talks about the capital cycle and the prospects for gold stocks.
21 Dec 2015
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Profit from mining’s malaise

As mining flounders, it’s tempting to grab bargains – but with a mergers spree in the offing, snap up predators to bag the best gains. Alex Williams l…
17 Dec 2015

The bottom of the commodities barrel

We might be nearing the bottom of the market in commodities, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should pile in.
10 Dec 2015
Stocks and shares

Painful changes at the miners

Mining company Anglo American scrapped its dividend after overtaking commodities giant Glencore as the worst-performing stock in the FTSE 100 this yea…
10 Dec 2015

It’s every man for himself in the mining sector now

The mining sector is getting close to the point of maximum pain, as companies do whatever is necessary to survive. John Stepek looks at where the indu…
10 Dec 2015
Stocks and shares

BHP Billiton mired in disaster

Shares in BHP Billiton have sunk to a ten-year low after the Brazilian government took the miner to court over the bursting of two of its dams.
4 Dec 2015
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Why I’m cheering gold’s fall – and how to profit from it

The gold price has fallen and miners have gone to the wall. But that spells opportunity for nimbler prospectors, says Edward Chancellor.
3 Dec 2015
Stocks and shares

Lonmin still on life support

South African platinum producer Lonmin has launched a third rights issue in seven years.
12 Nov 2015
Stocks and shares

BHP Billiton hit by disaster in Brazil

Shares in BHP Billiton plunged after a collapse in a mine in Brazil left four dead and 22 missing.
12 Nov 2015
Stocks and shares

Glencore: in a deep hole

Glencore's heavy debt load and the low price of metals have sent investors in the commodities trader running for the door.
1 Oct 2015