Lloyds Banking Group

In 2008, as the financial crisis raged and Britain's banking sector teetered on the brink, the government took a 43.5% stake in Lloyds Bank at a cost of some £20bn. Last autumn, the government sold the first slice of shares, claiming a 60% profit (which many dispute). It is likely the government will sell off more of its share in a bid to create a 'feelgood factor' as a the election approaches in 2015.

Why I’m still a big buyer of Lloyds Bank shares

No other large British company offers such future value with so little risk as Lloyds Bank, says Adrian Sykes.

Election 2015: why a bet on Lloyds could be the best way to play it

Buying shares in Lloyds Bank could be one of the best pre-election investments you can make, says Adrian Sykes – regardless of the outcome on the big day.

How to value bank shares – and what this says about TSB

Phil Oakley explains how to tell how much a bank is worth, and whether you should buy TSB shares.

Lloyds announces TSB listing with ‘buy 20, get one free’ offer

Lloyds Banking Group today announced that it will float the TSB on the stock market in June. And retail investors who buy 20 shares will get one free.

What's wrong with Britain's banks?

British banks are still in the post-crisis recovery position. Look at what they do, not what they say, to see which ones are progressing, says James Ferguson.

Lloyds selloff must learn from the Royal Mail privatisation fiasco

The Lloyds Bank selloff is a chance to demonstrate that after 30 years, the government can do a privatisation properly, says James Lewisohn.

Barclays looks cheap - but don’t touch it

Barclays shares have fallen to the point where they’re now looking cheap. But that doesn’t mean you should buy them. Ed Bowsher explains why, and looks at what to buy instead.

Lloyds serves up a dead mouse

What has otherwise been a good year for the high-street bank has been mired by the continuing mis-selling scandal.

Company in the news: Lloyds Banking Group

While the risks haven’t gone away, life seems to be getting ever better for Lloyds, says Phil Oakley.

What will the government sell next – and can you profit?

The government looks likely to sell off more assets ahead of the next election. Ed Bowsher looks at what’s on the list, and whether you should buy in.

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