Markets: interest rate cut boosts FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 saw a sharp rise yesterday after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 0.25% and extended its quantitative easing programme. The index closed up 1.6% at 6,740.

There’s nothing to fear from the rise of the machines

Machines are learning to beat us at everything – from board games to medical diagnosis, and even dating. Chris Carter asks how you can profit from the rise of artificial intelligence.

Move slowly and carefully away from the tech giants

If you hold a lot of tech stocks in your portfolio, you should think very seriously about diversifying away from them, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Are investors finally fed up with Facebook?

Facebook’s share price fell 20% after a disappointing set of results. John Stepek explains what that says about investors’ attitudes to tech stocks – and the wider market.

Investment platforms are great, but they need to up their game

Investment platforms have opened up investing for many people. But their pricing structures are obscure and switching between them is expensive and slow.

The undervalued gems on the market

Fewer analysts and corporate raiders means many firms are sitting on gold mines no one knows about, says Matthew Lynn.

Efficient markets theory and tennis

Why aren’t markets as efficient as theory tells us they should be? Tennis odds give us a clue, says John Stepek.

Germany’s Dax 30 stock index turns 30

Germany’s benchmark stockmarket index, the Dax 30, has risen tenfold since it began life 30 years ago.

Dividends don’t end at Dover

Income investors who rely on UK stocks and funds are missing out on the fastest-growing source of income in the world – the dividends of Asia-Pacific companies.

Investors can’t ignore inflation for long

The latest data suggests inflation is gathering strength. It could give a nasty jolt to markets preoccupied with trade wars, political uncertainty and weakening global growth.

Investment bargains in emerging markets

There are several headwinds facing emerging-market stocks. But there are pockets of relative safety. And compared with developed markets, emerging markets are not expensive.

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