Markets: interest rate cut boosts FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 saw a sharp rise yesterday after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 0.25% and extended its quantitative easing programme. The index closed up 1.6% at 6,740.

The FANGs bite back

The tech giants’ best days aren’t behind them. Far from it, says Matthew Lynn. A new wave of innovation is just beginning.

Google’s Alphabet soup

The internet giant is splashing cash on opaque and strategically questionable ventures. For now it is getting the benefit of the doubt, says Alice Gråhns.

The rise and rise of Netflix

Online TV streaming and content giant Netflix has caught up with both BM and Disney to become the S&P 500’s largest firm by market cap.

Investors excited by Vietnam - the “mini-China”

Vietnamese stocks have produced the best gains in Asia so far this year, with investors enticed by Vietnam’s ‘mini-China’ story”.

Mark Mobius: US stocks could fall by 30%

All the indicators point to a looming 30% fall in the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, says investor Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners.

Governments are flexing their muscles over bad corporate behaviour, starting with social media firms

What made social media companies so successful also makes them easy targets for government muscle-flexing, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Has Big Tobacco finally run out of puff?

After a fantastic run spanning decades, tobacco stocks look like they’re starting to fall. John Stepek looks at Big Tobacco’s decline and asks: is it still worth investing in?

The charts that matter: inflation fears come creeping back

As inflation rears its ugly head again, John Stepek looks at what the charts can tell us about the way the global economy could be heading.

The slow but steady return of inflation and how to profit from it

Rising commodity prices have thrust inflation back to the forefront of investors’ minds. John Stepek explains the best way to profit.

Why it pays to be in stocks

Investors should tune out day-to-day noise and focus on the long-term trend, which means sticking with stocks and reinvesting your dividends.

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