Investing in Russia

Carving up the Caspian Sea

The five states bordering the Caspian Sea, which is rich in fossil fuels, have just reached a deal trumpeted as a “regional constitution”. What now?

How bad will things get for emerging markets? And will the pain spread?

The mess in emerging markets is spreading beyond Turkey and Argentina. John Stepek looks into how things have got so bad, and what’s likely to happen next.

Russian stocks are cheap for a reason

Russia may be cheap – but that certainly doesn’t make it good value. If its stand-off with the West goes on, Russia could become a total pariah state in investment terms.

The rise of Igor Sechin – the Darth Vader of Russia

Igor Sechin holds no official position in the Kremlin, but many consider the Rosneft boss the most powerful man in Russia after the president. Will he determine Putin’s successor? Jane Lewis reports.

Putin won’t change Russia

Russia’s economy is stagnating, but Vladimir Putin – in power for 18 years and set for six more – shows scant interest in doing anything about it.

The best investment ideas for 2018: bet on platinum and Phnom Penh

MoneyWeek’s regular contributors each pick one of their favourite investment ideas from around the world for 2018 and beyond.

The rush to invest in Russia

Russia has been out of fashion among global investors for several years. But things are now looking up.

Another Russian bank collapses

The Russian central bank has nationalised two of the country’s biggest banks. Is a systemic crisis now in the offing?

Is Putin a threat to the West?

So long as the Russian economy remains a basket case, Vladimir Putin poses no real threat, says Matthew Lynn.

Russia’s stockmarket rally isn’t over yet

Russian stocks jumped sharply in 2016, but this year they have slipped by 4% – the second-worst showing by an emerging market after Greece.

Chart of the week: Russia will get back on course

Russian stocks have slid recently, but the outlook remains favourable. The economy has stabilised and is slowly emerging from recession; there is ample scope for the central bank to stimulate the economy; and the market is still cheap.

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