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UK banks: what's really happening

Alistair Darling has announced a £50bn package aimed at rescuing Britain's banks. John Stepek explains exactly how we got here in the first place, and…
8 Oct 2008
Stock markets

The best way to value stocks

Investors are emotional beings - which can make them very bad at valuing stocks. We can't rid ourselves of sentiment, but we can remove some of the bi…
28 Sep 2009
Stock markets

The Blackest Monday since 1929

The biggest reshaping of the US financial sector since the Great Depression occured as Merrill Lynch sold itself to Bank of America, and Lehman Brothe…
19 Sep 2008

MoneyWeek roundup: Profit from peckish Asians

In highlights from the week's best news and views from the MoneyWeek team, John Stepek weighs up the case for and against buying BP shares, explains h…
12 Jun 2010

Why a Japanese debt crisis could be good for stocks

Despite the image of Japan as a country stuck in an endless depression, it is still the world's third-largest economy and its economic performance has…
27 Sep 2010

MoneyWeek RoundUp: How Germany can save the euro

John Stepek highlights the week's best news and views from the MoneyWeek team. How Germany can save the euro – by ditching it; the final frontier for …
13 Feb 2010
Investment strategy

How to profit from Europe’s war on the City

With the EU introducing new rules on doing business with the eurozone, the City's profits are set to take a hit. But you can take advantage, says Matt…
4 Feb 2013
Stock markets

Steer clear of emerging market stocks

Global wealth will undoubtedly transfer to emerging markets over the coming decades. But that doesn't mean that investing in emerging-market equities …
26 Nov 2010

Watch out for Asian inflation

The US Federal Reserve's increasingly desperate efforts to restart the American economy could have some pretty nasty consequences in Asia, says Cris S…
22 Nov 2010

Asia's looking very cheap - but the bear market isn't over yet

Terrified Asian investors are dumping stocks with no regard for fundamentals. Value has gone out the window. So it might sound bizarre to claim things…
13 Oct 2008

MoneyWeek Roundup: Can tax cuts save the US?

John Stepek rounds up the week's best insights from the MoneyWeek team, including: our most controversial topic ever; why Gordon Brown's latest foreca…
11 Dec 2010

Don't abandon Japan

The scale of Japan's economic collapse is jaw dropping. But, while news may look grim on the surface, it's not all doom and gloom, says Cris Sholto He…
14 Apr 2009
Beginners' Guides

How to avoid being ruined by market bubbles

It’s not always easy to spot bubbles. And even if you do spot them, they can be hard to resist. Here, John Stepek explains how to overcome your natura…
18 Sep 2012

The rise of the machines

The race to automate the workplace is on. James McKeigue, Matthew Partridge and John Stepek look at how you can invest in the robotics revolution and …
6 Sep 2012

MoneyWeek Roundup: Britain’s economy is still broken

James McKeigue highlights the week's best pieces from the MoneyWeek team, including: things don't look good for the economy; what to buy instead of Fa…
26 May 2012

Asia is better off than the West - but it's still in trouble

The West, having lived beyond its means for so long, is cutting back and repairing its balance sheets. Asian economies will no longer be able to rely …
27 Jan 2009

Why the silver price looks set to surge

Silver has a reputation as 'poor man's gold'. But investors who shun it are missing out, says Joss Smith. Here, he explains why silver is the most und…
20 Jul 2010

India perks up, but don't be fooled

Asia remains the region most likely to lead the world out of recession. And the news coming out of India is certainly upbeat, with better growth estim…
8 Jun 2009
Investment strategy

What the ant and the lancet fluke can teach you about investing

For investors, the seductive allure of 'groupthink' can infect the brain like a parasite, leading to disastrous financial decisions, says Bengt Saelen…
28 May 2012

MoneyWeek roundup: the cruel cost of inflation

John Stepek rounds up the week's best insights from the MoneyWeek team, including: bubble-pricking in China; why inflation is a cruel way to solve Bri…
20 Nov 2010

Worse to come for property markets on both sides of the Atlantic

James Ferguson explains how the US subprime mortgage crisis is about to hit the middle classes, and looks forward to where the housing market is heade…
6 Feb 2009

MoneyWeek's Roundtable: will inflation make a comeback later this year?

Many investors expect that government debt will be the safest investment of 2009 – but at MoneyWeek's Roundtable, not all of our experts agree.
9 Jan 2009

Don't be fooled - house prices will fall again

One year on from Britain's property slump, and house prices seem to have staged a dramatic rebound. Some areas have even hit new all-time highs. So wh…
12 Feb 2010

Why China could be in for a sharp slowdown

A downturn in electricity consumption suggests that growth in China may be about to slow quite sharply over the next few months. While it's unlikely t…
23 Sep 2008