Investing in robotics

In every walk of life – from driverless cars, to finance, healthcare and helping around the house, advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will make the world a better place. There are fortunes to be made investing in robotics – find out how with MoneyWeek.

We need more job-killing robots

Robots being assembled © iStock

Many people fear the takeover of robots in the workplace. But it’s not fewer robots we need, says Matthew Lynn. It’s more.

The robots are not coming for your job (probably)

Many people are panicking about robots taking away all the jobs. But that won’t happen, says Merryn Somerset Webb. New jobs will appear – and in many cases, they will be better versions of the jobs we have now.

Who has most to gain from the rise of the robots?

The people investing in robotics are the ones with the most to gain, says Merryn Somerset Webb – old people and women.

How robots will change the world

Savioke robot © Savioke

Artificial intelligence and robotic technologies could lead to mass unemployment. Our economy will need profound changes to avoid social unrest, says Simon Wilson.

The robots are moving in

This week has seen a seismic shift in the relationship between human workers and robots, says Chris Carter. Expect to see plenty of more turmoil in the workplace.

Here’s your next big investment bubble: robotics

Robotics is the “next big thing”. It’s following the classic path for boom and bust, says John Stepek. But it’s not something you can ignore. Get in at the right time, and you could make a fortune.

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