Sports Direct moves to appoint Workers’ Rep

Sports Direct International has begun the process of electing a Workers’ Representative who will attend its board meetings.

Sports Direct confirmed it had opened the application process for candidates, which was open to all directly-engaged workers within the group, subject to qualifying conditions regarding duration with the group and other relevant criteria.

An assessment process would be undertaken to select successful candidates who would then be invited to stand in an election, in which about 23,000 staff would be entitled to vote.

The Workers’ Representative would be invited by the Board to attend and speak at all scheduled meetings of the board on behalf of the people who work at Sports Direct.

Appointments as Workers’ Representatives would be for 12-month periods, and the election process would be conducted each year.

In the first year the Representative will be chosen from the Company’s retail division, and in the following year the Representative will be someone working in the warehouse or head office, before this cycle is then repeated.

The elected post would not involve the representative becoming a director, as the company believes this would potentially constrain their ability to fulfil the role.

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