OptiBiotix provides scientific, commerical update

OptiBiotix Health has made significant progress in the last six months in developing its science, building its IP portfolio, and gaining commercial traction with steadily growing revenues from partnerships and products sales.

“OptiBiotix’s weight management division is now profitable with growing sales of GoFigure products and great consumer feedback and reorders,” said CEO Stephen O’Hara in a statement.

“This announcement provides shareholders with a scientific and commercial update on its cardiovascular product range which has been the subject of multiple ongoing discussions with partners across the supply chain.

“The aim of these discussions is to ensure OptiBiotix derives the maximum value for shareholders across the broad range of interlinked product opportunities which span both consumer and pharmaceuticals.

“OptiBiotix believes building the science and IP, and developing the brand across multiple products opportunities creates the potential for risk diversification and high shareholder return.”

Story provided by StockMarketWire.com