Mbeya ESIA reports approved, says Kibo

Kibo Mining says the Tanzania National Environmental Management Council approved and accepted both the Mbeya coal mine and Mbeya power plant environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) scoping reports.

Approval and acceptance of the scoping reports concludes stage 2 of the required three stage statutory ESIA approval process. Completion of stage 2 now paves the way for final ESIA certification of both the Mbeya coal mine and the Mbeya power plant.

Chief executive Louis Coetzee said: “Approval and acceptance of the MCPP ESIA scoping reports represents a critical point in the overall ESIA approval process. At this stage the majority of the ESIA work, i.e. specific ESIA terms of reference, required specialist studies as well as consultation, have been completed, submitted and accepted by the NEMC as compliant for certification.

“We expect Stage 3, (i.e. certification process), to be completed in a shorter time frame than usual, given the fact that the preparation work for an accelerated conclusion of Stage 3 was done whilst awaiting approval of the scoping reports.”

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