Gfinity launches global professional eSports series

Gfinity has launched the Gfinity Elite Series a dynamic new eSports league format, featuring some of the world’s most popular gaming titles.

Launching first in the UK, with a view to expanding across international markets in the near future, the Series will provide the eSports community with exciting new opportunities to watch or play in a fiercely competitive environment on Competition will start in January 2017, when gamers of any ability from anywhere around the world will be able to compete in the Gfinity Challenger Series to win Gfinity Elite Series ranking points.

The competitors with the most points will qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, where professional teams will offer the best players a place in their Gfinity Elite Series franchises. The Gfinity Elite Series itself will launch in April 2017 and will see Gfinity Elite Series Franchises compete for the title of Gfinity Elite Series Champion. The Gfinity Elite Series will be streamed live to a global audience from the home of UK eSports, the Gfinity Arena in London.

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