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Drama at Debenhams

The outlook at department store group Debenhams is dismal, while Mike Ashley, who owns 30% of it, has been putting his oar in. Matthew Partridge reports.

Bonds and fixed interest – back to fight another day?

When Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, markets soon applauded him as a tax-cutting, regulation-slashing, business-focused President. The welcome mat was withdrawn during 2018, however, as trade wars started to unnerve investors and stall business spending.

Responsible investing is here to stay

The movement towards more sustainable investment opportunities in 2019 is driven by both big institutional investors and millennials, and this theme is reinforced by the findings of our recent survey of high net worth individuals.

Will the market rally last?

Markets around the world are rallying after their wobbles over Christmas. And as is usual these days, it’s all down to one thing. John Stepek explains.