Artilium MVNO agreement with 107082 Telecom

Artilium has, through its subsidiary United Telecom, signed a new contract with the MVNO 107082 Telecom’s for the Spanish market.

Artilium will provide mobile services and support in Spain to 107082 Telecom.

107082 Telecom will provide health care services in Spain supported by mobile devices.

With the “turn-key” ability of Artilium’s solution it will be able to facilitate new deployments more quickly, saving time and costs, whilst maintaining significant flexibility in the setup.

There are now over 50 MVNOs using services provided on Artilium’s ARTA platform. Currently 13 MVNOs are also supported by United Telecom for billing and customer service.

Revenues for services to MVNOs are generated on a per user basis.

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